Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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  • London mayor plans pay-per-mile charge for drivers


    Seems to include road pricing which gets my vote[1]. Before that expansion of ULEZ and charging for non-electric vehicles.

    I'm not convinced electric vehicles are all that clean (yes they shift the emissions elsewhere and they might be CO2 neutral but mostly probably aren't IMHO) so I think there should be a charge for all vehicle use.

    [1] Full disclosure: We have 2 petrol vehicles on my drive. This will cost me, but not a lot as we don't drive a lot. I could buy an electric car if I wanted to but I'd rather run the petrol ones until they fall apart (one will be 16 in two months).

  • I'm not convinced electric vehicles are all that clean (yes they shift the emissions elsewhere and they might be CO2 neutral but mostly probably aren't IMHO) so I think there should be a charge for all vehicle use.

    They emit 50% of the particulate pollution of an internal combustion engine. These are from brake and tyre wear, so yeah, still not great.

  • Suggesting that the only impact of cars is what comes out of the exhaust pipe is pretty basic but does seem to be the default position at the moment.

  • This is the damning verdict on the Government's political games on the back of Londoners, which threaten to destroy so much that's been achieved for more sustainable transport:

    TfL’s “healthy streets” budget, which is designed to encourage safe cycling and walking, faces a £473 million cut and the second phase of making lorries safer to prevent road deaths is being shelved.

    The Tube is at risk of “multi-day closures” because of a lack of cash for repairs, and new signalling for the Piccadilly line has been axed.

    A total of 45 road structures were revealed to have interim safety measures in place due to their poor condition, including the A40 Westway, Vauxhall bridge and North Circular intersection at Brent Cross.


    With this kind of background, the ULEZ will achieve very little. It needs powerful public transport to succeed.

  • Live in North London and use the new A1000 cycle lanes to commute or get out of town on the weekend? The new Labour council are consulting on reverting the cycle lanes into pay and display parking.. no joke.

    Respond here: https://engage.barnet.gov.uk/a1000-exper­imental-cycle-route-enhancement

    Location: Between Sandringham Gardens and Summers Lane

    remove the existing southbound cycle lane and place southbound cyclists onto a shared footway
    remove the existing double yellow lines and revert back to unrestricted parking as per pre-cycle lane implementation.
    Location: Between Summers Lane and Squires Lane (near Finchley Lido)

    remove the existing northbound segregated cycle lane and the southbound Bus & Cycle lane
    install northbound and southbound mandatory cycle lanes
    revert traffic lanes to pre cycle lane implementation to include one northbound traffic lane and two southbound traffic lanes.
    Location: Flyover between Squires Lane and Strawberry Vale

    we are considering options to relocate cyclists to a shared footways or to revert to a ‘with flow’ cycle route, incorporating carriageway markings. The flyover will revert to 2no general traffic lanes in each direction.
    Location: Between Fortis Green and Baronsmere Road:

    remove the southbound segregated cycle lane between the bus stop outside Costa Coffee and no. 40 High Road
    proposed Pay and Display parking bays between the bus stop outside Costa Coffee and no. 42 High Road.
    Location: Between East Finchley Station and Haringey Borough boundary

    extension of the 20mph speed limit southwards up to the borough boundary with Haringey

  • This has already happened. The changes were made by the previous administration at the end of March. The consultation opened on March 11th.

    Last time I spoke to my new ward Labour councillor there wasn't a strategy yet but it was only a week after the election. I should probably hassle them again.

  • Hmm, the notion that grumpy I'll informed locals need more mollifying seems unnecessary to me. Our local council has been elected twice with significant mention of ltns. What more consultation do you need?

  • i wish I could afford to live in Hackney ;)

    but yeah I am with you, consultation is council election(s)

  • I'm not convinced. There are very few single issue candidates/elections. You might be a supporter of one policy but not another. That doesn't mean the council shouldn't do something but it's important to inform adequately and the consultation is part of that process.

    There is plenty of misunderstanding about all of this, for example Jameo and the A1000 above.

  • once you open the consultation tap, how do you stop? what should not be consulted then?

  • The outcome of many consultations results in doing exactly what you planned to do in the first place but hopefully with a bit more clarity and transparency.

  • ah yeah wink wink taps nose

  • Exactly, politics by consultation I would argue is less democratic than via council election. I would warrant the majority of responders to consultations are the time rich and well educated in any given borough. Any hopes that you're broadening engagement are pretty fanciful in my opinion.

    Along with this is the undeniable fact that just getting on with something is the only way to actually get on with something. cf Khan's record versus Johnson's, sooner or later you have to just build it and be damned.

  • Remember that consultation we had on turning all of our neighbourhoods into car filled hell holes?

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Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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