Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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  • https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po­litics/kensington-cycle-lane-review-rbkc­-sadiq-khan-b1784855.html

    I wonder if this will lead to anything positive - i.e. infrastructure. The knee jerk reaction to want to remove the lane didn't surprise me, but what did surprise me was the lack of any project objectives / outcomes / criteria / monitoring and evaluation. Setting up some criteria to evaluate your first segregated cycle infrastructure in a politically sensitive environment would have been sensible. Lets see how this plays out.

  • It highlights how providing for cycling is still an optional extra among certain councils.

    Kensington think they're doing the minimum as long as they are providing flat tarmac suitable to drive on is built and maintained.

    I can only imagine there are a set of legal requirements on road planning that account for most of not all of what motor vehicle operators want. What people on bike want is an addition to any such process. So there goes your oversight and project control.

  • K&c are the worst borough for cycling. Hopefully something meaningful comes through this, but given the councils history I'm not placing bets.

  • My working assumption is they've realised removing it so rashly was likely to be found unlawful, and this is just trying to provide some arse covering.

  • I think so.. according to the council own information no metrics were used to assess its sucess/failure and the trail period wasn't even complete.
    They refused to answer any questions to media, clearly they have done wrong.
    But when the tick box exercise ends I suspect while be back to what was before.

  • Some really good news from us today: Late last year, Guys and St Thomas Health Charity proposed to fund 3 low-traffic neighbourhoods in Southwark, and a long-term study of the health and wellbeing impacts ( https://www.lcc.org.uk/articles/low-traf­fic-neighbourhoods-delivering-public-hea­lth-outcomes-across-london )

    The LTNs went live today and they look great!


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  • Well done! I moved from southwark a while back but great to hear about this.

    The funding approach is fascinating. I wonder if it will catch on elsewhere. I remember a really good report on active travel from public health england a few years ago. After reading that i was in little doubt that generally public health leaders would make far better decisions on local transport infrastructure than the usual transport engineers and others in local government who are so fixated on car traffic etc.

  • Old street "roundabout" is finished off this weekend in terms of traffic flow. It looks like an easier junction to negotiate by bike but I doubt it's optimal. TFL's obsession with "peninsularisation" doesn't feel right here. Trafalgar Square and Highbury Corner just about work as squares but who wants to hang around at Old St?

    A simple junction with segregated lanes would be much more intuitive than what they've put down. This is one of the last large first generation segregation projects initiated by Johnson et al.

  • The roundabout has/had a tube station and associated gubbins in the middle of it. A simple junction would end up on top of it.

  • So does Oxford Circus?

  • Not great news on the climate crisis and road danger to cyclist front yesterday regarding the High Court ruling, but TFL are appealing and there is no immediate requirement to suspend or remove Streetspace schemes.
    Detailed update from us here https://www.lcc.org.uk/articles/response­-to-high-court-ruling-on-tfl-streetspace­-plans-and-bishopsgate-scheme

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Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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