Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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  • Swiss Cottage is in Camden and the actual borough are quite keen to do something about it. It was only because it was bolted onto the doomed CS11 project that it didn't go ahead. No idea about current timescales though.

  • The similarity is in that small groups of well connected and organised people. Are able stop something that is essentially positive.
    This is where things need to built quickly.
    Cw9 is hasn't started yet and it's been perhaps a decade since it was first envisaged.

  • Here's what I consider a poorly thought-out modal filtering scheme, in Hammersmith and Fulham (although in principle I support the attempt, I think it will cause knock-on problems):


    The impetus behind it is completely understandable--you can easily see by looking at a map how it would be used as a rat-run, probably (I don't know the area well) used by drivers avoiding Wandsworth Bridge Road. 400 vehicles an hour on a residential street is extreme--the peak must be in rush hour traffic, but it may be more constant throughout the day for all I know.

    So, it's good the council wants to do something about it, but as ever you have to filter a traffic cell completely, not go about it by partial measures. There's evidently no political will to filter the whole cell (which is very large and features numerous large trip generators like hotels, a lot of bad development around Chelsea Harbour with lots of car parking garages, etc.), so that there will continue to be a lot of through motor traffic via Chelsea Harbour and, as the article mentions, Bagley's Lane. In the area, you see the typical signs of various isolated filters being installed in partial response to existing rat-runs, e.g. in Bagley's Lane outside the Queen Elizabeth. I'm sure that one would have brought some relief when it was installed, but today, with sat nav systems available, I'm sure more drivers than before are finding their rat-running way via streets like Broughton Road or Broughton Road Approach towards Pearscroft Road and Bagley's Lane, and numerous other possibilities, as nothing is filtered completely.

    I read about it in this article:


    I can't find anything about the 'SW6 traffic campaign' and so don't know what their aims are.

  • Feel like 'zero emission street' is some buzzy marketing concept. Will be interesting to see what effect this will have on the road itself and the surrounding roads also.


  • Khan with some bullshit PR fluff? Never!

  • The guardian article doesn't mention that as well as refuse and deliveries there'll be an exemption for the residential and public parking off beech st, and I'm sure taxis will force an exemption for themselves.
    Doesn't sound zero in anyway to me.

  • Yeah, expect little to change on the ground. Showboating rather than the proven bung in a kerb and sort out junction priority.

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Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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