Concorde Aquila - Team Issue Race Bike

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  • I was very lucky and bought this frame for €20 off a local belgian.
    At home I noticed the name on the top tube, googled and of course (as with my two other race bikes) promptly found the owner and pictures of him riding it.

    I had bought this just as a quick replacement for my bent Colnago Master which was starting to fail. So built it up using the parts taken of the Colnago.

    Seatpost: Dura Ace 2410
    Saddle: Selle San Marco Concor Light
    Cranks: Sugino Super Mighty 170
    Pedals: Campagnolo Record Pista Supperlegera
    BB: Dura Ace NJS 7400 109mm
    Stem: Cinelli ANT mounted on a Quill Converter (yuck)
    Bars: BBB MTB Risers cut down
    Front: Araya Aero1 32h Tubular, Schwalbe Lugano T, Blue araya Nipples
    Front Hub: ZIPP 145 MTB Suspension Hub
    Rear: Mavic GEL280 32h Tubular, Challenge Forte
    Rear Hub: Novatec

    I plan on building this back up as a geared race bike with some nice retro parts, I am thinking Campagnolo Nuevo Tipo as i already have some nice shiny high flange hubs.

  • Usually i'd say built it up however you like and just ride the hell out of it, but I think the fact that you know exactly who raced this and even have photographs of it in it's original state means a lot.

    This is a pedigree race bike which is a lot more special than you think, I'd be inclined to built it up original spec.

  • I agree James, no reason not to honour the heritage. I did some more research and found the team to be "Masta - TeVe Blad - Concorde" the year was 1983.
    I am off to velobase to check hardware. I attached the team photos below, maybe someone can help identify the groupset.

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    • 1259221100vaneesterguido1983.jpg
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    • 13252593683538.jpg
  • Guido Van Eester looks like a winner.

  • Sub'd, can't wait to see this built up again, it's cool that you have so much information about the original.

  • It's a Concorde pantographed Campagnolo Super Record 1978-84 groupset

  • Having trouble getting the drive side 36x24 Dura-Ace shell out of the Cinelli Bottom Bracket.

    Building a wheelset, Nisi Solidal 36hole rims, Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs.

    Logo must be visible through the Valve hole of course !.

  • Good attention to detail!

  • got myself a terribly pricey Super Record rear derailleur

  • collected a front derailleur and a real concorde fork.
    still looking for Super Record Brake Calipers and Levers.

  • This will look good build up! Good luck.

  • The hubs are of course not Gran Sport but a Nuovo Record (flanges slightly concave inwards) in the Rear and a "Sport" in the Front (Flanges straight).
    LBS managed to get the lonely DuraAce BB Shell out for me.

  • Note to self, these are the things I need in order to complete this bike:
    42&50t 144BCD Campagnolo Chainrings
    40/42CM Compact bars in Silver
    7 speed Campagnolo Freewheel (have a 6 speed NOS suntour as a workaround)
    36x24 Campagnolo Bottom Bracket (have a UN55 Shimano as a workaround)

    I think that should get me on the road, there are few items already in the post like Calipers and Levers. Hope they all arrive soon.

  • Looking forward to seeing this finished! Any more pics?

  • I'm liking the build plan but why go all out for getting the right classic parts and then put a compact handlebar on it?

  • Classic compact bars, cinelli /3TTT in 38/40CM something like this is what i was thinking:­o-d-italia-handlebar
    Do you have any other ideas for bars ?.
    I received a record crankset with rings the other day, now added a Campagnolo BB that is longer than 110 to my shopping list. Test fitting today:

  • This will be beautiful - well done.

  • Classic compact bars, cinelli /3TTT in 38/40CM something like this is what i was thinking:­o-d-italia-handlebar
    Do you have any other ideas for bars ?

    Sounds good! Giro d'italia is pretty shallow and has a nice straight top part indeed.

  • Found a better BB at 113mm, fitted the shifters, not sure if i installed the shifters right but there are no guides so I will have to check out other peoples bikes.

    Progress Picture:

  • Here is a ridable bike. The saddle is a Cinelli Unicantor I recovered with the original padded leather, Ultech seat post and Some ITM handlebars.
    I am going to ride the hell out of it for now but small improvements could be:
    White bar tape and saddle to match the hoods
    Longer stem
    Proper Pedals

  • yeah,i notice that a lot of concordes have race number hanger's .
    i read some of them were built by ciocc in italy.
    i would cross and route brake cables behind the bars

  • Now has white saddle and bartape to match the original picture up top. Also got some silver race pedals. May sell complete bike as I am moving to the USA in june.

  • Pics pls!

    I just picked up an Concorde Aguila/Aquila this week, however it looks nothing like this. I've read that they've not exactly been consistent with model names/livery :)

  • what would you say the bike is worth after the build out?

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Concorde Aquila - Team Issue Race Bike

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