Drys Bicycle Consolidation

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  • Keep the cougar!!

  • just a thought.. why not get some nice comfortable dropbars on the cougar and then try again..? like spotter bars with sram singlespeed levers or something?(i know, boring, but tried and tested)
    itll be still quite a relaxed bike with not so much saddle to bar drop but will feel smaller.

    if i had the cougar i would justify by any means it to fit.. its such a bad in a good way frame.

    ild think silver cranks would suit better though..

    Sell everything but the mash and then build a gangsta!

    Cheers for all the input guys, these 2 points kind of stuck out to me. I enjoy riding the cougar the most so I'm gonna have a go at making it my main bike, inline post and spotters and it should be ok, maybe.

    sell everything but the cougar and build a gangsta... or when i fail to find a gangsta for sale a riser equipped pompino.

    On a different note, dibs bmx if you do sell dry

    It will be for sale, i'll take some better pictures tomorrow and send you a PM.

  • Order from the USA
    I remembered how much I loved mine today!

  • that is one dinger of a pub bike.

  • Uh... You're taking the bike that fits the worst, and selling all the rest ?

  • Order from the USA
    I remembered how much I loved mine today!

    How much are they new? And how long is build time? I can't find any information?

    Uh... You're taking the bike that fits the worst, and selling all the rest ?

    It does sound stupid when you put it like that. But I want a steel frame, and I love the cougar, so if I build the cougar to be my main bike using parts I mostly already have then if it still doesn't feel right I can sell the frame and get something that will. Like a brother track or a Tokyo fixed s1.

  • If you want custom, steel, £750 and local, take a look at 14 Bike if you haven't. Just a thought mate.

  • Get rid of the cannondale and the bmx and keep the other two, sorted.

  • Fair enough. In your position I'd keep the mash and the 'dale, but that's just my preference.

  • I know it's really boring, but one of the best ways to save money is by only buying things you need. The smart thing to do is to sell all but the MASH and just ride it till it dies and service it as necessary. If you get to a point where you need an extra £200 or so sell the MASH and buy a Dolan.
    Yes, dad ;)

  • ^ You are right though.

  • Anyone tried this guy for custom. Local if you live in Berkshire...


  • I'm not going to go custom unless the cougar really doesn't work and I can't find anything OTP that takes my fancy, very unlikely.

    Initial plans for cougar;

    • Replace wheels and saddle with those currently on the MASH
    • Black quill and spotter bars (can I get a pearl in 26mm?)
    • Black headset, maybe chris king if i can find a 1inch threaded one.
    • Black inline post
    • Will keep the pedals and straps until my knee feels better and then will probably swap to atacs

    Then, sell all of the things (I'll be keeping the OMNMONOMS but thats about it) and start building a pomp, the 1 picture i've seen of the new version looks very nice.

  • Surely that won't free up much cash?

  • Not masses I guess, the space is my imediate problem, cash is more a bonus.

    my initial price ideas are;

    MASH frameset with headset, seatpost and stem - £400
    BMX - £300
    Dale - £650
    Ellipse wheelset - £200
    Shout at me if any of those prices are well off???

    Thats over 1500 quid without clearing out the parts bin?

  • How much are they new? And how long is build time? I can't find any information?

    Just seen this (Also just got back from riding mine 70 miles)

    I ordered mine from here

    At that price and it took less than 10 days to arrive.

  • Ignore the very bad photo but i've just changed the cougar set up to this.

    Just a cheap stem and drops to see how i get on with it. Took it for a quick spin around the block but hopefully get out on it properly tomorrow, the post needs to come up but it feels great. Needs a black post and headset if it stays.

    Everything else will be going up for sale tonight if i get a chance!

  • Good to hear of another Donohue love affair...

    Aside from the silver headset and post, the one thing I'm not feeling is the Rotor ring... It reminds me too much of a Miche Advanced I thinl... Reckon a black 75 ring would look spot on.

    Also, headset here might be worth making an offer if it's still about?

  • WHY did I sell that! Looks great with drops - the nicest frame I have ever ridden.

  • looking fwd to how you get on with her..

    tbh im with tm on the aesthetic side; and swap to black post while you're at it..
    or silver stem/silver headset/silver post would also work.. with a silver crank.. ;)

  • whats the wheelset btw. chub to a23?

  • why not get a cx mash frame?

  • Cougar – riser and strap equipped pub bike/beater used when I’m working from home to head into town at lunch for shopping or whatever, I love riding a steel frame but i feel its abit too big for me (saddle is now lower than this picture)


    Sorry to be boring again, but you did open with asking for advice....

    ... If the cougar was too big for you with risers and a shorter stem surely it's now going to be way to long for you? Would you not be better off with a much shorter stem?

  • Sounds like he means too tall rather than too long? Rolls are deep as fook... Probably dropped his saddle height by about 2cm swapping to the Fizik..

  • Cheers guys,

    The reach is not really the problem as TM says, it's more the height that is too much, id like slightly more seatpost showing and slightly more drop. Agree with you about the chain ring, I need to sort out the gearing. Its currently 48/17 but the tyre clearance on the rear is very very close. Need to get a 49t ring i think and put a whole extra link in?

    and yea, wheels are chubs to velocity.

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Drys Bicycle Consolidation

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