Bah humbug - the anti-christmas thread

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  • I'm working Christmas Eve and Day and on-call both days too. My prediction is I'll be dealing with death and misery on both these days which will be interesting, at least. It's the same every year, the consolation is it's double time for the 25th.

    Do you work on Eastenders?

  • you won't get any sense out of CS for a few days now, his shift will have got the keys to the evidence room, and be blazing the foiled shit out of that half kilo of brown recovered from the boot of a citroen on green lanes..

  • ended up having a massive blow-out with my mum / niece over their inability to view downton fucking abbey as little more than tory apologist propaganda.

    call the midwife was pretty good tho.

  • I mentioned to my mum a few years ago that, as a vegetarian, I didn't want to have a "normal" xmas dinner. She asked if I liked tagines, as she'd found a nice recipe for a veggie tagine that she wanted to try out. I said yeah, sure, love a tagine. I've had tagine for the last 4 years now. Be careful what you wish for!

    That's a lot of tagine.

    I love many of the flavours of this time of year (the spices, cranberries, winter veggies, nuts, festive drinks etc) and enjoy playing around with them for the main family meals, but it's disappointing when you visit meat eaters who assume you're happy to just have the soggy, insipid veggie components of their otherwise meaty blowout (which often includes goose/duck/lard fat roasted potatoes and sprouts with lardons). Frankly if the veg is an after thought, it's hard not to feel like one too.

    One year, we went to my aunt and uncle's. Neither cook. They assemble food, order it in, eat out or boil it until it no long resembles anything that might once have lived, plant-based or otherwise. All I was given for the whole three course Christmas lunch was some melon, and a mountain of Brussels sprouts.

  • Downton Fucking Abbey

    Tsk. Those porn movie makers - is no wholesome family favourite safe from their twisted minds?

  • with my mum / niece

    Are you from Norfolk?

  • Worse, I think.

  • Is it over yet?

    I was fed up with it by mid November....

  • kek

  • Haha - genius!

  • Is it over yet?

    I was fed up with it by mid November....

    I think we've just entered the Christmas/New Year perineum.

  • The Biffin's Bridge of the Yuletide Season.

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Bah humbug - the anti-christmas thread

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