Columbus Max Appreciation

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  • This Hagen Max is up for sale on Marktplaats right now.

  • I've often wondered if the Japanese forks are actually max. Evolution2 are apparently exactly the same and probably much cheaper for a japanese builder.­fork-blades-evolution-aero-evolution-ii.­html

  • Any chance you could get the top tube ctc measurement on this one for me plz?

  • Says there that the Evolution 2 are 35.2/19.6mm. Max are 35.8/18.5.

    There's a chance though that many 'Max-looking' forks with non-Max fork crowns would be those Kaisei blades, for example there's a lot of Makinos with this crown that I've only seen on some Japanese frames.

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  • It's not mine, but I could ask the seller if you want?

  • Yes please. Thank you

  • Another very similar fork blade...this time reynolds 853.
    Built with disc brake by tomo bikes.

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  • already shared my merckx max on mgoof, but I see no harm posting it here ✌️

    passively looking for MX Leader to accompany this one. last month MXL popped up on ebay Germany ): , so sad the seller cant ship.

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  • A question for someone with Max experience:
    I have a Max frame with max seat lug and set tube. Tube is round and within 27,2 mm spec inner. No damage to the seat lug ears or the binding bolt. I can, however, not get my seat post to stop slipping. I’ve tried multiple posts, binding bolts, carbon paste and all the usual suspects. With the seat post removed I can barely tighten the bolt enough to reduce the gap between the ears. It is like the lug itself is to stiff. I’ve never had this problem on any other steel frame, but again never had a max frame.
    Anyone has any idea what’s going on!?

  • I had the same problem with mine but after several times of re-tightening, it holds.

  • Had the same problem - used a bit of 4 thou shim steel to get a super tight fit and it holds fine. Coke can shim would probably do the job too.

    I don’t think the problem is anything to do with the max tube, more likely a seat lug that is either very thick or inflexible, at least this was the case on my frame (EL-OS tube).

  • And if there's not enough room for coke can, you could try the hairspray trick.

    Get the cheapest, nastiest hairspray you can find, mask off your seatpost at the correct height (leaving the bit that will be in the frame exposed) and give it a few coats, letting it dry off in between. Should take less than 10 mins and give you a surprising amount of extra purchase.

  • Bianchi Proto frame (restored)

    Will be selling this to make room for something that fits better. It's too small for me at 54 cm.

  • mmm minty. That's really nice. My size, gulp.

    Dare I ask how much?

  • it's restored, not mint. ;-)

    But nice anyway.

  • I think greeno was referring to the.... aaah you got me there!

  • pm comming

    Edit: yeah it's a minty pearl :). Colour matched from a Bianchi mega pro XL.

  • Woodrup Grauel Max

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  • Finally got my hands on this - I am excite!

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  • Dang that's a good score. I've always wanted a max frame for the track, but I turned to the dark side before I could find one.

  • Nice proto!

    Is that a carbon fork? Lucky its too small for me

  • Thank you! I’ll try the hair spray thing!
    It’ll probably work fine but what puzzles me is why the problems occur when all seem to be in spec. That’s why I figured the beefy max seat lug might be known to cause these issues.

  • How did I miss this exchange?! Always had a special place in my heart for this beauty. Enjoy

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Columbus Max Appreciation

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