Columbus Max Appreciation

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  • Columbus max Somec.

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  • Any interest here for my Columbus Max, Brands frame and forks?
    Seat tube c-c 57cm
    Seat tube c-t 58.5cm
    Top tube c-c 55cm
    Selling with newly fitted M part elite headset 1" threaded and black id down tube shifter boss covers.
    Was thinking £375 and thought id offer it here first before compiling an advert in classifieds.

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  • ^ that’s nice.

    Max Rossin on the bay..

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  • nice. where are you based ?

  • Based in London. Happy to meet up. Have sent DM.

  • Appreciate this

    DUELL Advantage MAX

  • The paint job looks like beetles crawling on it to me! Flat red would be 🔥

  • Sure, tastes differ but I´ve seen way worse colourways.

  • I'm thinking about getting a Max fork made for my road bike. Will it be less comfortable than a 'normal' steel fork? Is it a bad idea?

  • Who cares about comfort it’ll be a w e s o m e

  • I've considered it too, there aren't many crowns available anymore unfortunately. The Samson is nice, but when I contacted Orlowski they could only build with the Ceeway one, which I think is boring. They were only 150€ though.
    Red Fox Cycles in Copenhagen has/had a NOS crown that was very nice, but not really the same budget as Orlowski.

  • You can always buy my max fork and then have someone replace the steerer for a longer / threadless one

  • I want/need some over-size Max like forks too, with a threaded 1 inch steerer long enough for a 61cm frame....yeah right dreaming aren't I. I never see any on ebay with steerers long enough . What I really want is some curved bladed ones like on the Merckx MX Leader, but I never see any of them for sale.

    I asked my local frame builder Winston Vaz about getting some forks made in Max, but he said Max only comes in straight blades these days which I don't want as I don't think it will look right on my bike, so seems options are limited.

  • This is what Orlowski could make. I want clearance for 30c with a shimano r7000 brake

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  • That's the B40, right?

  • If anyone is after a Max OR mountainbike project, let me know. I have an '89 Olmo "50 th anniversary" frame + forks that has some strange issues (= missing some derailleur cable stops). As I found myself another OR bike, I don't feel the urge to put energy in it but maybe someone else wants to. I think it can result in a nice Max 26" mountainbike.

  • Would take building a jig...and it's common to bend fork blades.

  • .

  • Yes I think so!

  • Chas Roberts. Just back from frame repair for new chainstays after the originals rusted through - due to no drainage holes in BB
    Will be getting repainted/ touched up

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  • I'm not a big fan of Max tubing but that Roberts is lovely.

  • I'm a big fan of Max tubing and that Roberts is lovely:)

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Columbus Max Appreciation

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