Frame Building 101- A Basic Jig

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  • i ended up making them out of some sort of hard rubber/plastic bar as my lathe can't handle steel. they did a good job as they only caught fire and burned to ashes AFTER the first bit of braze went on to hold the tubes in place :D

  • Hmmm. You will mainly be fillet brazing and therefore only tack tubes together in the jig right? I guess the issue only appears when doing lugs and having everything fixed while heating and brazing?
    I have aluminum cones on my homemade jig, and they are soft and somewhat imprecise.

    Could you get them made to your specs in stainless fairly cheap if it becomes a problem for you?

  • i did not have lugs, i wanted to do fillets and it was impossible. i'd say you get some stainless pieces made as imprecision on it's own could pose a problem. can't comment on the machining prices as i live in budapest.

  • How did this go in the end?

    If you still have access/time I'd be very interested in buying the machined hardware off of you.

  • I'd buy a set of the hardware too if you were making some

  • i would be willing to do some machining if people want the hardware, i could also supply a fully built jig and i have a fork jig which could be replicated. please pm if you are interested.

  • How much would a fork jig cost roughly?

  • Jim
    Any pictures of the fork jig?

  • Fork jig

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  • Fork jig in action. It is fairly basic but works, I would perhaps update the design slightly if I was to make another.

  • And if you made another one how much would it cost?

  • I have lurked here for a few months but only just got as far as this thread, not meant to Hijack it but you can buy these from company in the UK

    here­id=20 Mods if its not good form to post please let me know or remove it

    I dont have one but I do have the wheel truing stand for my business making wheels, (bike and motorbike wheels mainly) I don't have a website as I tend not to just work word of mouth but theres some fascinating stuff made here in old blighty

  • Lovely stuff and a good price to.
    Makes my frame jig look very crude and as for that wheel truing stand definitely looks 5 times better than mine. But for us amateur / home builders do we need or want something as great as these?

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  • Hi maybe someone has contact of jimjamosullivan?
    if yes please pm me
    hope he still could make parts for jig

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Frame Building 101- A Basic Jig

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