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  • I'm moving work again soon and I'm already struggling, I'd then have to find space for the bike I've been storing here, plus I still haven't got anywhere with the ultra bike rebuild.

  • Why would anyone possibly need two MPCs?

  • That's only the ones you can see.... There's 7 in total. :)

  • So today was going to be the day I decided! Had a test ride booked, thought im 99% there, was hoping to test ride it yesterday.

    This morning he sold it to someone else.

    Now I want an electric fat bike and can't afford one.

  • Good things come to those who shoot first and ask questions later.

    Yeah, that sounds right to me...

  • Was I the last person to ask a question on here? Well here I am again.

    The Finnish winter encroaches. I want to buy a fatbike. My criteria am:

    1. Can take at least 4.8" tyres. 5" even better.
    2. Doesn't need to actually be designed for proper offroad at all. Just dense snow on cycle tracks.
    3. Don't need suspension.
    4. Dont need a huge gear range.
    5. Would like something that is light.
    6. Maybe electric, I dunno. Ended up renting an electric fatbike last winter and it was fun. But that bike retailed for €4k.
  • There's some cheap shit on ebay that might meet those requirements.


    Fatbike + "Would like something that is light." = ROFL

  • Didn't @Smallfurry ride a fat bike somewhere cold and snowy in Scandinavia? From memory his bike fit a few of your requirements.

  • One of the best forum bikes ever

  • I miss smallfurry

  • Size?

    Whatever the equivalent of a 58cm is

  • Seems this thread is about as active as my [insert disparagement of choice here].

    But I'm caught between two main choices here and looking for any other thoughts before I do it.

    1. Canyon Dude CF8 - ticks most of the boxes, is relatively light by fatbike standards at 13kg, but it is orange and it is €2000.

    2. My mates electric Silverback that's in bits in his basement. I'll need to get a new rear derailleur, work out how to assemble an electric bike with hydraulic discs, and it weighs an unholy 25kg, but its mine for €600.

  • Do you want an electric bike though? How long will that battery last? 600 is much nicer than 2000...

  • I dunno, borrowed an electric fat bike last winter, and as well as being fun, it did help a lot getting through packed snow. But it was also a pain in the arse to manage.

  • What are they like when the battery goes flat? Can you leave the battery out of them and ride them as a slightly lighter non-electric bike?

  • Basically yes, but you can get like 40-50km out of a single charge so if I dont fuck up it shouldn't happen.

  • That would be what I'd think about the most - do I want to lug the battery around when it fails. Given that it's a fatbike and you're clearly not concerned with speed, it's less of any issue. Just think of the cocaine and hookers you can get with that 1400 spare.

  • Bit of insider knowledge and/or experience if you don't mind, thank you.

    I'm a long in the tooth (short in the leg) cyclist with many 1000's of miles covered on a single speed Cotic Escapade and then a stable of other bikes inc full suss mtb, geared road, vintage path racer, tandem, folding etc. Jeez how did that happen? I'm older, ready to take another look at what suits my needs and found fatbikes at Slam69 in Gloucester. Sold as the bike for everything is it really the bike for me? I love off road and some challenging mtb stuff. I toddle into town and lock up a bike. I teach as a cycling instructor and so commute to work. When I've got time I ride up to 500 miles twixt London and Edinburgh and on ride days will cover 25 to 100 miles depending on surface.

    Has anyone done what I'm thinking of doing and got shot of a legacy of bikes to use just a fatbike?

  • Oh...I do occasionally chuck it on a train too....

  • In my experience fat bikes are super versatile, expect for use on tarmac. There is just to much rubber on the ground for that purpose. I am currently building a fat bike with narrow (45mm) rims. This seems to create a much more plus bike tire shape which I suppose is a lot better on the road.

  • Thanks. Makes sense of course and although I haven't tried a fatbike I'm thinking it isn't for me; isn't the do it all solution. And there's NO WAY I can add a fatbike to the collection. Ah well.. Cheers Mel

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Fat Bikes / Fatbikes

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