Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed hub assembly

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  • Hi

    I recently bought a 2nd hand set of Veloce 9 speed hubs and desired to take them apart to check them. They are the type with sealed bearings

    I can't get the rear hub back together without the freehub body wobbling , even if I fully tighten the axle nuts .

    I think the problem is one of the inner sleeves that sits over the axle. In the image it is the longer one to the left of the o-ring. It appears it should sit inside the freehub body but it protrudes by a couple of mm into the pawl area , I think this is causing the issue . If I remove it I can get the freehub body tighter but it causes drag so the freehub body barley turns .

    The previous owner said they replaced the freehub body so I'm wondering if it should even be in the hub. I've checked the campag spares diagrams and something similar appears to be there but it's not clear where it should sit. - see page 59 here:­umenti/de/spares04_B.pdf

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

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  • This image shows where the metal sleeve stands proud o the freehub body , I think this is causing the wobble. Also can anyone give any tips on reinserting the freehub with the pawls and springs in place, they are really difficult to get back in and keep springing out ! Cheers

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  • What about the re-113 bits that fit on the hub? Do you have them?

  • I've just taken my Veloce hub apart, and that sleeve doesn't extend as much as yours, it's nearly flush. So I guess that must be the issue.

  • Do you mean RE013, yes I have them and RE014 just keeping them safe in a pot. They are a real pain to get back in without the proper tool , I've done it before but can seem to get them in now

  • Yes, RE013, I was looking at the plan above Veloce. I just pushed them into place using the silver shield that's third from the top in your first photograph. Or am I missing something else that you're doing?

  • cheers ill try that , its just hard to hold all 3 without one popping out. Are you using grease on the pawls? perhaps this will hold them in better

  • I've just taken my Veloce hub apart, and that sleeve doesn't extend as much as yours, it's nearly flush. So I guess that must be the issue.

    I cant understand why its not flush, unless the bearing on the other side has been pushed in too far, perhaps the freehub was always loose and I didnt notice (only just bought them ) . ..I wonder if I leave it out whether it will cause an issue.

  • either use the pawl tool, or an elastic band, once they're in, snip it off

    don't leave part of the sleeving out as this is load bearing between hub / freehub body and axle.

    more likely you have a washer or seal in the wrong place or wrong orientation, check and double check against parts diagrams

  • Thanks , an elastic band is a great idea. I managed to get it back in by applying a small amount of grease to hold them still. It's still wobbling though . There aren't any more parts I can seem to get out or adjust , the bearings are in pretty tight .

    The diagram on the link above is not very clear . The problem part looks like the long sleeve to the left of the o-ring . It doesn't really explain where it goes though . Will have to try and find some other diagrams..

  • stepped washer (FH-VL010), there's two of them, one as shown, and one inside the freehub body - make sure they are both correctly oriented.

  • Ah I only have one on the non drive side. Having one missing should affect the sleeve though, they're more of a dustcap aren't they?

  • the aberrant sleeve is being pushed proud by something that it shouldn't be, check all washers and seals on the freehub assembly

  • It must be but I can't see anything. Here's a photo of both ends of the freehub, there's nothing loose in there that I can see or feel

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  • Outer end

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  • with no sleeve, insert the axle, do the wear marks align with the end face of the pawl carrier body?

    with no axle, insert the sleeve into the pawl carrier end, is it slotting all the way into the freehub, flush with the pawl carrier body?

  • I've packed them away in frustration! but will have another look tomorrow. Thanks for your help

  • The pic in post #2 looks fine, so I would be surprised if the spacer is the issue. There should be a spacer under the cassette body and it does protrude slightly, to provide the clearance between the back of the cassette body and the face of the d/s bearing.

    The best course of action is:

    1. Slide the cassette body all the way home on the axle (as shown in post #2 and check to see if the body "rocks" on it's bearings in this situation. It shouldn't. If it does, the bearings in the cassette body are foobar.

    2. If the bearings are foobar, we can likely replace them. It's not an easy home job because the inner bearing is not designed to be replaced - we have a method of extracting it, though, in 95% of cases - there are one or two very old bodies where we can't though. There is no replacement cassette body that is compatible any more.

    3. If the bearings are OK, assemble the hub (without the pawls, initially) and without the o-ring seal around the vase of the cassette body - does the assembly fit together with no rock now? If so, the o-ring is getting rolled and lifted / kinked against it's location in the hub body as you are struggling to get the pawls into the hub body and that's preventing the cassette body from going all the way home - hard to spot, but pretty common.

    4. If it is the o-ring, strip the hub apart again, re-locate the pawls and springs, hold down with either the rubber band method, or, if you can find one (hens teeth these days) the wire spring clip that used to come with every pair of hubs of this design, and reassemble the cassette body on the spindle back into the hub, paying close attention to both the pawls AND the o-ring ... the o-rings do tend to swell in contact with mineral oils and get to be a slack fit on the hub (it is 15 years old now, after all ...) so you have to pay attention that it doesn't get rolled out of it's channel.

    That should fix it.

    You appear to have all of the other parts that you should ... and they all look correct from your images.

    PM me or mail me via our website if you get stuck.

    Velotech Cycling Ltd
    Main UK Campagnolo Service Centre

  • I bought a "hairgrip" pawl retainer of this guy, for a fiver: he isn't listing any now but a PM might be worthwhile.

    Having said that, I haven't found it a huge improvement over an elastic band or a loop of thread.

  • Wow thanks for such an in depth explanation Graeme, and also for the suggestions from others. I'm going to attempt to fix it tonight, it will not defeat me !

  • excellent explanation of the finer points, graeme, repped

  • Having tested and eliminated the issues suggested above I now believe the culprit is the drive side bearing in the hub body. With the axle inserted and the freehub not quite pushed in you can visibly see the inner part of the bearing wobbling, causing the freehub to rock .

    Has anyone ever remove one of these ? I've heard it can be done but is tricky due to a sleeve inbetween the two hub body bearings that is almost flush . I'll have to try and shift it to one side and tap the bearings out

  • Resurrecting this old thread, I've finally got round to replacing the sealed bearings on this hub and its fixed the problem (the play was in the worn bearing). But I'm not familiar with sealed bearings, how much do I tighten the lock nuts on each end of the axle? It doesn't feel like its affecting the wheel spin but I'm not sure. Is there a danger of over tightening them and damaging the bearings?


  • Love this forum. Inadvertently took the free hub body of a Campag nine speed hub whilst servicing the hub bearings. Managed to get it all back together without problems after reading this, grease kept the pawls in place whilst re-assembling.

  • Hi This looks exactly like the one I am trying to service. The play is in the worn sealed bearings. Can anyone tell me how to extract these bearings? even a technical drawing showing them would help - I don’t want to try and force them out the wrong way! I should be able to find the replacement bearings ok but where can I find new pawl springs? Thanks

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Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed hub assembly

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