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  • Picture added!!!

  • Dibbles.

  • http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chrome-Kursk-S­PD-shoes-for-Fixie-fixed-single-speed-DH­-MTB-Black-RED-SOLE-size-9-/111213971438­?pt=UK_Spots_Leisure_Cycling_Tools_Repai­rKits&hash=item19e4de87ee

    read the rules...

    Basic rules for classifieds:
    You must post the classified advert in the Classifieds forum.
    You must use a thread prefix if one is applicable. If more than one is applicable you must select the one that you most wish to happen. I.e. select "For Sale" even if you are also willing to trade but would prefer to sell.
    No cross-posting adverts you've put on other sites. If you have an item for sale anywhere other than here, like ebay, bikeradar, ctc, retrobike, etc. then you cannot post it here. However, if you have posted it on one of those other sites, other people who have discovered it are allowed to post it in the eBay/Craigslist finds thread. You must not do this yourself.
    No bumping on anything you're offering (for sale or trade)! Exceptions: 1) If you included a price as per the advisory, you can bump the thread to drop the price. 2) If you hadn't added enough information (such as photos) and now want to.
    No fishing expeditions. You are either selling something or you're not. Either it's in the classifieds or it's deleted.
    PayPal transactions must include buyer protection (sellers are not allowed to demand that money be sent as a "Gift" as this deprives the buyer of any form of protection on their payment).



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