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  • I get this thread is mostly keeping it real with steel! But ...

    I am looking to upgrade my Colnago EPS with a C60 in size 48s. Struggling to find one in that size.

    If anyone comes across one as part of their online travels give me a shout.

  • Saw this on eBay and remembered you were looking. Never seen this paint scheme before but it’s open to offers and currently with an extra 10% off final price. Maybe too big though if you’re looking for 56­s-Steel-Carbon-mens-bike-frame-size-58cm­-used-Sound-chrome-/224714065133?mkcid=1­6&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286­&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0

  • Thanks for that, the paint scheme is cool and I like the newer seat stay cluster. I think 58 c-c is going to be too big for me though.

  • Does a precisa fork fit a 26.4 or 26.5 race? I’ve got a 26.4 race but for the life of me I can’t fit it - no matter how hard I whack it, it just won’t seat

  • Hope you're all doing well in these troubled times.

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  • 2 months late admittedly but I might consider the notion of selling my C59 Italia with full Campag Record, Mavic Ksyriums & a lovely FSA plasma integrated bar and stem Team Europcar Thomas Voeckler build styleeeeeee

    Hangs above me at my office desk every day crying because it’s unridden and begging for a new home :’(

  • Now might not be time to ride, but would you not regret selling your perfectly working machine. I feel perfectly fine not riding my bike in winter. I use my beater roadbike instead. Unless you're in need of money I'd think it over.

    Lovely bike by the way. I'd take it, but I have 4 other roadbikes and no more space.

  • I'm still looking for a C60 if anyone's selling... 52s would be perfect ;)

  • Keep eye on eBay. Lots of 52’s come up.

  • Agreed, plenty c60s come up on ebay and FB in 52s. I know as I have been looking for a 48s which come up less often. Still looking for a c60 in 48s by the way!

  • Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a lovely set up.
    Having done some more research I have opted for a c60. TbH the main reason being that the cable routing into the frame looks neater on the c60.

  • Yep, on it daily... got a few that I’m contemplating going to look at but as with a lot of people on the bay, they want top dollar for a bike, but can’t be arsed to send it

  • The main prob that I have had looking for a c60 is that people want to sell whole bikes. And as you say want full £££ for the whole lot. With no way you can justify the split value of the parts.

  • I’ve fallen for this c40 on eBay but don’t need the full build - anyone got an old 56cm carbon nag they want rid of?

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  • Saw this for sale today what a beauty and not a bad price

  • Been watching that myself, but not with any intent - not my size.

    I’m not familiar with my colnagos but I’ve lately found myself making glances at beefy tubed dreams, lux dreams, b-stays, c40s, c50s, no idea about any of them. Basically something like that one but in 54.

  • Yeah me neither, don’t have a clue really but have enough parts spare to build something and want to do a carbon young timer with horizontal tt… then I started looking for LOOK 585 etc…

    I really like a Colnago Extreme Power on pedal room… they all seem a bit spendy though…

  • Agreed, there’s a lovely c60 that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now... the seller has dropped it quite a bit since he put it up... but, he won’t send it, he lives Bristol way and just found out it hasn’t got di2 ports... and not knowing how much I’d get for my bike, it’s first world problems

  • I need to clean it up and take some decent photos but over the coming months I will be selling my EPS, traditional geometry 54cm, in the PR99 colour scheme. Owned since new. Only selling as I want to go Di2. Looks exactly like this one. Any interest I can sort out some photos and think about pricing.

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  • Quick question... found a nice C60 frameset, bars , stem and seatpost... good condition... how does £1300 sound?

  • Depends on age/paint (subjective but some paint scheme just go for more). If an earlier model about right/good. If later model then great price.

    Where did you find it?

  • I think it’s a 2017-18 model and it’s the Italian RSWH edition which is white with navy and red graphics, never had a white bike before so I’ll be toning it down a bit with all black components. I’ll try and keep the seat post but the stem and bars will be surplus to requirements... and it’s on the bay

  • Good luck with the purchase. White bike can look crisp as long as nothing other than the seat post and stem are white.

  • Cheers dude... if all goes to plan, I’ll get some pics up when I buy it

  • That’s a very good price.

    Usually sell around £ 1500 - 1750

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Colnago Owners / Info / Appreciation Thread

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