Colnago Owners / Info / Appreciation Thread

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  • I have a C40 b-stay frame + forks or full bike for sale size 54-56cm if anyone interested. Decided to keep the Master Olympic and can’t justify having both. PM if interested.

  • Hi, I'm hoping I might be able to tap into some of the collective knowledge on this forum please. I've recently inherited a steel framed Colnago in Art Decor, Rabobank colours and I'm trying to identify what it is. It's a beautiful bike, but it's too small for me and the person who left it with me owed me some money so my aim is to sell it, so (full disclosure) I'm also trying to get an idea of what it's worth.
    It's made from Columbus Thron Super tubing, which is round and doesn't appear to have any crimping. I think that probably makes it a late 90s Super or something like a C97. Does that sound likely or am I super wide of the mark there (no pun intended!).
    Thanks very much in advance!

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  • Nice bike.

    You might get some info on the colnago owners facebook page?

  • Does anyone have info on Colnago E1s ,not much on the internet especially interested in the paint design...cheers

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  • Looks like a c96 to me

  • It’s a Master , repainted tho

  • Need to ride my more

  • Yes yours is lovely

  • If the bike is Thron tubing then its a C96. Entry level frame but in good shape like yours can probably sell it for around 1k. Post to Colnago for sale and Colnago Owners Group and you should get it moved easily. I’m the admin.

  • My Colnago Master Piu! I think the frame is from around 89.

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  • So my colnago sprint / super sprint, is almost finished.

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  • 2005 E1
    Does anyone have info on this model
    Not much on the web

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  • My mates new winter whip

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  • winter? this would be my sunday best! good job!

  • Shame on him. Riding that in winter. :)

  • Awesome

    Spinergys for better cutting through the snow, right?

  • amazing. as good as it gets for me. Any chance you can ID the seatpost and saddle??

  • If this is a winter bike, please post his 'nice' bike!

  • Just bought this "winter bike". (sellers photo)

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  • Did you get money off for a non drive side fail?

  • No, only a pair of road tyres extra.

  • Saw this colnago Tecnos at the plough pub in cold harbour Surrey does this belong to anyone here on Lfgss lovely useable condition.

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  • Make over of the Dream CX is done

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Colnago Owners / Info / Appreciation Thread

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