Colnago Owners / Info / Appreciation Thread

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  • That colour scheme, hnnngh.

  • Yeah - turned out better than on the ad :)

  • Had a temporary wheel upgrade whilst replacing the tubs.
    Aiming to upgrade the groupset to something more modern and buy the rear wheel too when the cash is available!

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  • Recently got my hands on a rats colnago frame... Very light, a lot of potential... could be fun to build :)

  • How much does it weigh? I'm dream-ing of a WW early 2000s Colnago now.

  • @themidge According to my kitchen scale 1350g... fucking light

  • Master and master olympic :)

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  • Not mine though I did ask if it was for sale. Via Colnago FB group. I know, Shimano on a Colnago, but still a great build. Maybe the nicest paint on a Master I've seen so far.

  • New at home!
    Any year idea?

  • After the Somec section.. Posting here too. Little shooting session with my Colnago Master X Light pista!

  • Just picked up this from @Vince

    Put a days work into it so far. Waiting on a freehub, bar and stem and will be able to cable it up and ride!!!!!

    Got the old Mirage/Veloce/Xenon group for sale if anyone is interested

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  • You have done a great job in the 24h you had the bike for!

    I look forward to seeing it finished!

  • nice but needs another seatpost. A black one.

  • Thanks. It’s a work in progress. Will get a campy carbon one as and when one pops up!

  • Can you tell me what those wheels are??

    Edit: old ksyriums??

    This looks spot on already.

  • Yep Ksyrium SLE’s. From2015. I think they were some of the first to have a exalith brake track. Solid wheels

  • Maybe the exalith 2 brake tracks, think the original exalith wheels were earlier poss around 2011, they had curved lines and were unidirectional I think, the exalith 2 have straight lines.
    Amazing braking performance on them even when wet, but I chewed through the first set of pads or so.

  • That Colnago seat lug is beautiful.

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  • Selling a high gleam campagnolo areo seatpost 27.2 for that colnago if anyone is looking also got a mint campagnolo seat pin bolt

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  • Here's my master

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  • Saw this colnago super leaving RP one very clean one.

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  • Bit of help needed to identify the frame if possible.
    I have only the picture from my purchase on eBay late last year . Basically came with campag mirage which suggest lower end frame, but the Columbus decal states cro-mor Sl which is more upper end?

    I’ve refurbished the frame ready for campagnolo record 9 and shamals. But really want to try and find out what model it could be

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Colnago Owners / Info / Appreciation Thread

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