Stylish cycling kit

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  • Designed for the ... minimal wardrobe of a van life

    I'm out.

    Pretty sure it's still just Morvelo but that brand wasn't sufficiently

    ...golden era of the outdoors ... analogue heyday of the late 70’s ... simply about playing outside on bikes and boards, camping in the woods, ragging around mountains or hangin’ at the beach ... laid back vibe ... you guys and girls need to buy and own less stuff...

  • Depends how you define 'still just Morvelo' tbh. Morvelo is owned by THG these days, and Overland is still Oli and Dave.

    There is still plenty of shared ground at the moment. The Dual is made by the same factory as (past 5ish years and near-to-medium term future) Morvelo*. Graphics are all Dave for both still.

    The move for a separate website etc for Overland occurred during my tenure, though I can't claim responsibility for any of the copy you've quoted there.

    *I have no idea if THG intend to switch sourcing up for Morvelo, but it's obviously a possibility.

  • I've had some great Ullmax ones I like. HEavy enough to keep you warm and no holes so far.

  • Does anyone have any alternatives to the pedla rideflash. The sleeve shoulder but I seriously dislike but the brightness I like

  • Are there any thermal cargo bib shorts?

  • In the market for a new long sleeve jersey and looking at the Albion LS and the Gore Wear C5 Thermo.

    Prefer plain designs and want something that will be fine on its own or layered up.

    Can anyone recommend either of these or is there anything else I should be considering?

  • Albion LS is good. I also hear good stuff about MAAP - they have quite a few different kinds though and never pulled the trigger as I wasn't sure how to choose. Like Rapha they have two / three different lines of LS jerseys and a few options within those lines and after receiving my degree in rapha I'm out of energy

  • I am edging towards the Albion.

    It looks like the lower end Maap and Rapha LS jerseys cost around 50% more than the Albion and Gore Wear offerings. I imagine that’s more to do with the mainstream appeal than the garments themselves.

  • Rapha make cargo bib tights in the Core range.

  • Looking for thermal shorts though, thanks. I don’t wear tights until it’s like 2 degrees.

  • I have the Gore jersey, I like it as with all gore stuff i own it seems to have a really wide temp range where it’s comfortable, the fabric is not thick yet feels as warm as roubaix jerseys, the lower back gripper is good too.
    left and right rear pockets are a bit small is only criticism.

  • Anybody have experience of castelli premio bibs? I'm 6'2 and 63kg and it's pretty hard to figure out what size I'd need. TIA

  • A jersey which might get you a free drink in southern Italy from certain people.

    The team is anti-abortion and pro-Pope­ing-on-with-amore-e-vita/ , and the jersey's signed by a politician who was jailed for buying votes from the mafia­rmigoni­2-cycle-x-italian-designers-x-vintage-vi­ntage-1992-team-amore-vita-cycling-jerse­y-nalini

  • Probably been asked before but relaxed fitting shorts (i.e. not lycra) with the big back pockets....were they called "map pockets"?

    Endura Singletrack had them (they no longer do) but my current pair are held together with duct tape everywhere. Those pockets are so useful.

  • ?

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  • Endura Humvees.

  • Thats it, thats the one.

    @jontea Yeah that'll probably do the trick. Quite cheap nowadays too. I thought the pockets had left them too but seems not. Cheers for the reminder.

  • I just ordered some Le Col bibs for winter turbo sessions, in navy to make them stylish, and never read a single review.

    Anyone have any experience with Le Col?

  • Sport ones? I have a pair, were good for a season with a lot of use. Relegated mostly to turbo now too but more because I have a lot and they are pretty shiny...

    Shoulder straps not the best but haven't worn any holes in them and the pad is still decent enough. For the price with the Strava code, bang on.

  • Endura humvee's no longer have those side pockets. Replaced my old ones this year, but the new version is a poor imitation of the original in terms of features and materials.

  • EDIT. already covered

  • See, I thought that but looking closely at some of the photos online they seem to be there. Perhaps old stock photos. At this rate i'm going to be wearing entirely duct tape shorts.

    I had a pair of the Singletrack shorts for years and years, rode in them, did labouring work, they were very well made and tough. So, naturally, I got another pair and they fell apart real quick. Shame.

  • Can confirm, Hummvee ii do have rear pockets, the ones I wear for work every day have.

  • No actually Pro, although by accident.

    Anyway tried tonight on wattbike and derrière was cushty, very impressed.

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Stylish cycling kit

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