Stylish cycling kit

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  • Certainly, and legitimately, in my possession.

    @ric_a5 the most appropriate of all, born in the 80’s

  • Can someone remind me the massive head approved hats?

  • Depends how massive you are, but I've got a 66/67cm head and the XL ones from the guy behind the Rough Stuff Fellowship do me pretty well.

    Think he sells then under @pootletown on Instagram.

    In fact, I think he's on here somewhere. Something to do with Bonk. @Skülly can you help?

  • That would be me. Cheers @PeteJChurchill

    I've got a few summer style/100% cotton in XL at the mo. @Bossman send me a DM if you're interested and I can send you some snaps of what I've got.

  • Isadore have 20-30% off everything for Black Friday - next 10 days

  • I hope this is the appropriate place to ask.

    My SWRVE trousers with four-way stretch are starting to disintegrate after 18 months of faithful commuting duty.

    I want to replace them but the SWRVE UK web store doesn’t seem to have any stock (of anything, really).

    Is there a forum approved commuter trouser that’s not too pricey and not denim?

  • I've gotten good mileage out of the Uniqlo EZY jeans. The material is quite different to regular denim - it's a lot softer, has good stretch, and maybe a bit warmer too.­-ezy-soft-slim-fit-jeans-444057.html

  • Dickies 874 have always been good to me for commuting, mind you sizing up is always a good shout with them!

  • Bit on the pricy side, but Spoke Bulletproofs are super nice. Maybe write to Santa with Christmas coming?

  • I had a really stupid idea for a kit brand last night when I couldn't sleep. It's a bit like these whiskey investment groups that became quite popular in the last few years.

    People pay into the brand with an annual fee, they become a member. Each member has a say on how the brand is run - materials used, styles, colours, everything like that. The members can then buy the kit at cost price.

    Heavy emphasis on it being as environmentally/people friendly as possible, it means those involved get something different to the standard fare from Rapha etc whilst being confident of its quality because they've had some involvement in the creation process.


  • This seems as good a place to ask as any.

    I'm visiting England in December and want to do the Festive 500, but realised I have nothing to wear apart from lightweight summer jerseys and shorts. Haven't had to deal with a UK winter for some time, and am probably a bit of a wimp by now now so want to be prepared for the worst.

    Any suggestions for inoffensive, functional and affordable winter tights/long-sleeved jerseys etc? Don't want to spend a great deal as they won't get used again once I leave. DHB the default for this kind of thing?

  • Galibier are good value.

  • Put an ad in the Wanted section ? You might get a good deal and then could probably sell it back when finished with it.

  • DHB the default for this kind of thing?

    DHB/Decathlon or agree with JDP to go the used route. Use a decent waterproof jacket and you can just layer underneath it. Some winter leggings, hat, shoe covers and a warm core might mean you could still use your summer bibs, depending how hot you run and the type of cycling you are going to do.

  • What sizes do you wear? I reckon you could find people to lend you stuff in exchange for beers if you wanted!

  • You don't say what size you are but these have just popped up in the classifieds:­97/#comment16280706

  • Thanks all - hadn't really considered second hand, but it makes sense for a variety of reasons - I'll keep an eye out for a some items. The Endura tights appear to be the perfect size, so that's a great starting point.

  • On the lookout for a not-shit-looking but also not spendy (sub £75) largeish womens winter softshell, or possibly a windproof jersey. I had a baby nearly 11 weeks ago and none of my old gear fits over my belly which doesn't want to shift. Bought a couple of jackets from Galibier (perhaps not the most stylish but they are great value) and even their XL which is their biggest womens size doesn't fit me, I can't even do them up!

  • Not necessarily after stylish but what's a good, inexpensive set of bib tights? Some padding is preferable but don't want anything too padded either. Will be used for work and worn for about 10 hours at a time, a few times a week so if I need to spend a bit extra to get something that'll last that's fine but I don't really need them to be super fancy

  • Tekkerz jersey sold out super fast but pre-order now available

  • I've been using the dhb ones for work. They suffice.

    Also have paddles px ones I got last year which I sometimes doubled up on if it was fucking freezing.

  • Pearl izumi have served me well this way. padding thickness is thin/medium and sizing is predictable, a bit on the large side.

  • Not necessarily after stylish but what's a good, inexpensive set of bib tights?

    There's a code which brings the below down to about £70 "Warmlegs2021". Reviews on site seem good.­-bibs/

  • Thanks, I'll have a look in to those!

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Stylish cycling kit

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