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  • Anyone know any decent casual cycling branded tees or clothing about atm?


  • threadandspoke(.com) is not bad, US based though

  • Just got a new Castelli Perfetto RoS jersey and compared to the previous Gabba and/or Perfetto versions it's not stretchy at all.
    I wish they would stop randomly assigning the same names to different products.

  • Rouleur stuff is nice IMO.

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  • Well its nae grey market - it is black market and sorry no experience. My moral compass guides me away - but this isnt the forum for that.

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  • Go onto the Spexcel store. Anything below the waist is crap, jerseys, gilets, jackets all very very good.

  • 2nded ref the Spexcel jerseeys...

  • I thought grey market was genuine product, that’s been lost in complex buying chains, and ends up being sold at knockdown prices, often at annoyance of original brand - which happens to unboxed components

    Black market is stolen, or somehow fraudulently acquired gear (ie in clothing ‘cabbages’) which is sold under the counter, due to potential law-breaking?

    …what you have here is knockoff, made-to-order sublimated kit. There is no way this is same factory source/factory outlet, and there’s absolutely no link to the brand - in fabric, fit or features, trust me. What you’ll receive will bear no resemblance to the images - just an attempt to put the logo in the right place. Did anyone see the Team Sky kit with the Rapha armband on the wrist a few years back?

    Ask your myself why a genuine factory would bother - Imagine the next meeting with the brand “oh that? that’s just the knockoff department. Now, let talk about autumn/winter quantities….”

    These genuine products/fabric will be good quality, and v durable; if you’ve got the time, wait and pick up proper stuff on ebay. Some real bargains on winter kit which hasn’t been used as much as planned, and if it’s not right, you can always sell on for what you paid. Hope this helps!

  • ^ this. It's also pissing in the wind for the brands that are being ripped off to attempt to stop it. The only luck I ever had with that was when a copycat was using the same ecomm platform and we could get them kicked off.

  • Anyone got much practical experience Albion Ultralight Insulated Jacket... how warm is it? Especially interested as a layer to have in the bag as a bit of extra warmth on overnight rides or even to throw on when having a kip (although I guess the cut may be prohibitive for that).

  • I quite liked the ribble kit, and also the trinity jersey looks great. Not sure that’s the best photo of the ribble stuff

  • These genuine products/fabric will be good quality, and v durable

    About 10 years back I bought a Gabba and only just needed to replace it. I couldn't tell you how many times it's been used and washed (the castelli logos fell off years ago, the stitching is only just going) but it was the first bit of cycling kit that convinced me that saving on some items isn't helpful.

  • just buy second hand stuff over ali express knockoffs. ebay is your friend. also environmentally friendly.

  • Albion employee here (design); it's a great product, love mine, v versatile. For packing so small, it returns a lot of warmth. Nice as an outer, or wear under a rainjacket to winterize (sorry to use that word), and I think this is where it excels; it's so small it layers with any outfit to keep things toasty when the temp drops - so yes, riding into the night would be great.

    I don't bother with the stuffsack, it ends up in a tennis ball shape, but roll it into a cylinder to fit into a pocket and then use the hem shockcord to keep it rolled up neatly.

    To set expectations, and depending how hot you run, it's not for freezing temps (unless worn as a layer), and won't replace a regular lofted puffer jacket if you're sitting around at night and not generating any heat.

    It is quite fitted, but if sleeping in it, I think you'd just unzip the double zip sliders whichever way you need to get comfy.

    Afraid they're not in Pinarello or Condor yet, but you're more than welcome to drop into Deptford studio to take a look - the new grass green colour is :)))

  • Unfortunately not in the UK so I may just take a punt then. As for sleeping, I have a quilt for camping so if I need to sit, I can put that over my shoulders, was just thinking a bit of extra warmth.

  • Wow special jumbo visma kit for Roubaix is basically the same but worse than their normal kit. Delko doing a look Mondrian replica is cool though­85-la-vie-claire-colours-reimagined-for-­paris-roubaix/

  • Anyone knows what are these glasses?

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  • Stylish AF

  • I bought the Bahrain Victorious Vuelta jersey. I'm not a fan of the team or the country, I just like the design, especially the sanctimonious messages for car drivers on the back. I even got the socks which match the blue stripe on the sleeves. Thinking about the blue as a theme - there's an Elite bottle in a similar shade. Maybe also a good colour to paint some components? Brake calipers? Handlebars? Crankset? My frame is white.

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Stylish cycling kit

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