Stylish cycling kit

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  • I've got quite a few handmade XL (and standard size) caps at the mo in various designs.
    PM me if you're interested.

  • Are the Albion caps larger than the usual offerings?
    My bonce is size large in most skid lids . 59cm. Most cycle caps seem to be in the s / m range.

    Prendas looks good for a ££ budget option thanks

  • I emailed Albion to ask how big their hats are, and if they could tell me what the maximum circumference is. They said:

    Our caps are on the larger side, anecdotally we have had a few people provide feedback that the caps worked for their slightly larger heads so I think you'll be safe in our caps!

  • @AntSel thank you very much that's very helpful

  • Are you saying caps you’ve made yourself, or caps you have to sell?

  • Maybe here,
    Seem to do lots of sizes, with some rather fetching materials.

  • Ah I'd previously seen those and forgotten. Galaxy cap looks rad.

  • Mine is about 62... I've many Albion hats now. I need to rip the elastic out, and they are sweet, but some of the newer colours they have changed the elastic which has made this a lot harder, I'm working on unpicking elastic strap on these. But they are certainly larger than many. And at 59 I think you'll be good.

  • Useful to know. I'm about 62 as well. Not sure how I feel about having to modify a new hat just to get it to fit.

  • If you know hats that don't require this fire away. Other wise pretty much all mine have the elastic removed from effectiveness.

    Beautifully made and lots of custom options and XL sizing

  • Yes, I’ve found loads of caps uncomfortable but the Albion ones work for me. I’m sure I’d be an L in most helmet brands too

  • Handmade caps for sale.

  • Another vote for synthetic caps, I've had one from Owayo that fits me well with big head (61cm) plus a lot of hair.

  • If it's any use to you, I've got an Albion cap with a broken peak that I can chuck in the post for you to try on?

  • On the subject of Albion, does anyone have a Zoa jacket and if you do is it good? Thinking of getting one, mainly for off the bike and bikepacking, and to mark myself out as a cyclist to discerning strangers.

  • I feel an overwhelming desire for mid-range navy cargo bib shorts. Despite the name, Victory Chimp look ok and are well priced or there's La Passione. Are either good choices?

  • I find victory chimp stuff ok and quick delivery

  • My insta feed gets harassed by the generally awful Ostroy stuff

    But I quite like this…but it’s for women

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  • If it's any use to you, I've got an Albion cap with a broken peak that I can chuck in the post for you to try on?

    Thanks that's very kind of you. Sounds like they will defo fit tho and I'm sure it's free returns if not.

  • Same, a lot of their stuff is pretty horrendous (although I have a soft spot for the punk designs) but those are pretty classy. They keep sending me discount codes, so I'm tempted...

  • Spexcel, the acceptable face of cycling clothing from Aliexpress. I have a pair of their cargo bibs in black (I think they also do gray and navy) and they've been really good. Not as comfy as Rapha but comparable to DHB or Specialized etc.

  • Heard good things but I've never tried Spexcel. A couple of years back bought some other AX kit, which I wore a bit but were poor materials and fit. Decided not to chance any further purchases.

  • I’ve got Spexcel bibs - race, cargo and some 3/4 winter ones. I rate them for commuting and Regent’s Park duties.

    I tend to reach for the cool brands for longer rides but I’m not sure I’d know the difference in a blind test. They have no visible branding on them which is nice too.

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Stylish cycling kit

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