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  • The Albion insulated gilet is nice. First gilet I’ve ever owned though so no frame of reference to compare it to.

  • Galibier just brought one out, and pedal Ed I think

  • keep me warmer on cold mornings where I know I'm going to boil if I go out in a jacket or freeze if I go out in my usual gilet.

    Has gilet. Rather than another gilet, add Burner to existing gilet. #IMO

  • ^ this.

    Burner + windstopper type lightweight gilet.

    The only cycling related use for an insulated gilet is when stopped outside a pub, at train station, etc #IMO

  • I get good use from mine in low temps over a thermal jersey

    Regardless the more versatile combo is wind gilet and burner agreed. Especially on bright days when it’s cold to start but warm in the sun.

  • Might give the burner a go... got a nice gilet so an insulated one might just be a luxury not a necessity.

  • Endura Pro SL gilet is (IMO) fantastic, very warm and I find the fit to be great. Quite bulky but significantly warmer than just a burner.

  • Perhaps oddly, I find my insulated gilet is best for cold weather cycle commuting. Why? When commuting I'm only riding during colder bits of the day . I'm also not riding very hard on a commute so I need some extra warmth from my clothing. Finally, I don't really have anything in my jersey back pockets on a commute so I don't have to worry about my pocketless gilet not quite squeezing over three stuffed pockets. So basically I haven't worn mine for over a year ;)

  • I have been enjoy pedaled insulated gilet for about a year now. Very useful all through winter with a long sleeve jersey. Still bust it out for early morning rides, but it gets too hot pretty quick at around 10degrees

  • I've been using my burner and brevet insulated gilet a lot recently. Almost perfect combo but the gilet usually comes off pretty quickly. I tend to keep the burner on all ride as you forget it's there but it just takes the edge off cold starts/evenings. Amazing thing!

  • Just got these from Sigr:­-chino-shorts

    Very nice kit, was a choice between and a more expensive Chrome pair but no regrets. I also have the Victory Chimp gravel shorts bought recently and been riding on those, good kit too and very lightweight, great for the two days of summer coming up (so far been wearing 3/4 tights underneath. They size up a touch small.

    Anyone got a recommendation for a non-jersey jersey? As in not race fit, more MTB style but with pockets and technical material? Doesn't seem to be anything out there. Where do MTB riders keep their gubbins?

  • Anything that’s loose is no good for carrying shit, as it just swings around. If I want casual look with jersey pocket option, I wear an Overland Dual baselayer with something else over the top. Only annoying thing is that I cant wear it as a “true” baselayer as bib straps need to be underneath to allow access to the pockets. As a result I usually end up with a normal mesh baselayer on as well

  • Anyone got a recommendation for a non-jersey jersey? As in not race fit, more MTB style but with pockets and technical material? Doesn't seem to be anything out there. Where do MTB riders keep their gubbins?

    Asked the same question last year but not much around and as mentioned, loose is bad.
    Now either ride with a frame bag or top tube bag and if I want padding, splashed out on some Assos trail liner bibs that have rear pockets.

  • Yep the burner goes out with me on nearly every ride now. It's hard to call it essential but I will say that its warmth and flexibility makes everything better

  • I think it would work, not too baggy though. I mean I ride with my jersey unzipped and stuff in the pockets. I am mainly looking for somewhere safe to keep the phone and neother shorts have deep enough rear pockets. The Victory Chimps have a zipped in the front pocket, but that means keeping your phone in your front pocket. That's a no.

    best design are some Evans house-brand shorts they discontinued, and they have two zipped pockets that go backwards from the side seem. Someone needs to rip that design off, its perfect.

  • This is the way. Thinking Restrap handlebar bag atm.

  • For me or the answer to my question about mountainbikers?

    MTB shorts do seem to have 57 pockets each of course.

  • Yes to burner and gilet really good with this rather cold wind recently.

  • Everything better is essential.

  • This is the way. Thinking Restrap handlebar bag atm.

    Use this one - holds a modern-ish phone (pixel 3a) but may struggle with anything bigger.

  • Ended up getting the small Restrap framebag, bigger than the handlebar bag and since its on a gravel bike less likely to bounce around.

  • Yeh sigr shorts are great, I have two pairs I wear constantly. Comfy, look ok, seem to get dirty/ stained easily thoufh

  • Bought one of the Albion burners, quick delivery to Europe (no extra payment to make either, whoo). Looks pretty good, thanks for the recommendations all

  • Just gonna drop this in here... :)

    We were lucky enough to be one of the first (maybe the first) to get the Rapha Custom Long Sleeve Training Jerseys with our team kit. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.

    We might be able to do a supporters kit if there is demand for it.

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Stylish cycling kit

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