Stylish cycling kit

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  • Cascada

    Oh opinel knife! Framebuilders! Flasks!


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  • All that authentic adventure kack and then your wool shirt is plastic with 16% of wool.

  • Howies used to do nice merino tees, no idea if still available. Isobaa also do plain, and can usually be had on sportpursuit for 50% off.

    *Doesn't look like you can get the Howies Vail anymore. Shame, was a nice T.

  • Of course. Well I feel silly now

  • i find it very hard to articulate but i would say these people are too "engineer brained"* to create compelling clothing for these sorts of prices

    *this is a slur

  • proposal, patagonia, snow peak, arcteryx, manastash, and wander, klättermusen, tilak et al are all cool because they're not cycling related, although make incredibly bike friendly clothes

    what does this say about cycling as a branding tool?


  • i still don't get it

  • Yeah its a bit... shit

  • I always loved the rapha merino t shirts with the pocket on the back. Sadly all of mine are now worn out. Is there an alternative?

  • @Chopsicle were you responsible for them?

  • Have the rapha folk seen the ‘lost logo cycling club’?

  • I always loved the rapha merino t shirts with the pocket on the back.

    yeah! same here, loved them, and mine are now on their last legs - holes in the lower back/hem, where they get pulled down into a waistband. Wearing one now. And exactly the same, went looking for them, and disappointed to find they don't make them, will probably try icebreaker T's (or ebay) from here.

    And yes, I worked on the original T's but wouldn't say I was responsible - everyone was popping a rear pocket on tops to cycli-fy them in 2010. I guess I was responsible for the fabric selection/evaluation, reviewing testing feedback etc, which was essential to make a quality product. There was some amazing value merino products around that time.

  • weird - an aggregate site for knockoff made-to-order kit, but with a London residential address? The 'about us' is entertainingly delusional.


  • 100% Rebranded Spexcel kit. *Which I've been fairly impressed with the quality of.

    I thought I was being clever, but it even says it on some the photos. The Union Pro they want £80 for is £18 on the Spexcel Ali store.

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  • If you want a next burner project... I’d take ten t shirts (that’s possibly an exaggeration but I’d get at least five)

  • Anyone know of a ‘stylish’ reflective gilet with pockets? Like full reflective like the pro viz ones but nice?

  • I always loved the rapha merino t shirts with the pocket on the back

    The polo shirt versions were one of my favourite items of clothing

  • Is this time for a list? :D

  • Noooooooooo.... :-D

    I genuinely would love to dive in, but it would be too massive atm. I'm getting hold of an overlocker, but would also need a coverstitch machine for hem/cuffs. I love merino as a material, but it needs quite specialist handling and make; for instance you need to roll out, and leave to relax for 24 hrs before cutting. Different dye-batches will contract a different amount, so you can't just calculate/compensate a pattern based on -5% shrinkage. I don't have moths, but simple things like protection from pest contamination would be a concern, and how to manage. Never say never, but there's a lot of experience needed to work with such a nice material, I'd hate to do it injustice!

  • Do it!
    Do it!
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  • Could you design and subcontract the work to someone who will produce to a good standard?

  • Anyone had any Kalas kit? There's so much to choose from these days, but not into anything too in your face... I don't mind Maap, but I like a collar.

  • Kalas kit…not into anything too in your face

    I quite like this one.

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  • I quite like the trek segafredo kit...

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Stylish cycling kit

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