Stylish cycling kit

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  • I paid around half that for my jacket...I certainly wouldnt stretch to that kind of money...

  • I was basing my assumptions on the one jacket linked above which was 580 CAD. Did the conversion to GBP and it's about 330 from memory.

    Fwiw I know nothing of the brand and that's the first time I've seen one of their products. I'm not overly knowledgeable about many other cycle clothing either. I Google products people recommend in here mostly and don't even own any rapha.

  • I’ve got a Sportful HotPack NoRain as my pack small for potentially wet weekend rides - love it.

  • generally like sportful stuff. does it pack really small ? how's the sizing like ?

  • To roughly the size of a can of beans. Not the very smallest but pretty good. I’m a XS in Rapha (mainly proteam) and an XS for the HotPack.

    Having said that, it’s a good few years old. I think when I was looking for a commuting jacket (which ended with the MTR) I tried on a few Sportful ones and their sizing has changed. IIRC way smaller, don’t think I could even get into an XS. I’ve not changed size...

  • I have Sportful NoRain arm warmers, they are good but noticeably warmer than normal ones, so find uncomfortable on milder (say 8deg+) days.

  • thanks, the latest no rain hotpack stuff seems to be taking cues from that overpriced Gore shakedry, also found on arc'teryx running gear.

  • Universal Colours.

    All looks very familiar, like a mash up of Rapha and PNS.

    Sigma Sport collaboration is interesting, perhaps in sale.

  • Cycling caps!
    I am looking for something a bit nicer than your regular cheap cotton cap you get at all the events. Nicer material, touch and fit. Something like the PEdALED Shawa.
    Are there any other brands making something nice?

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  • Caps were covered over the last few pages... they are nearly all made by a small number of companies.

    I think Walz are an exception. I did a large custom order using their polyester ProGrade which are very nice, durable and machine washable. A bit hard to find in the UK though.

  • The Attacus 'premium' cap was really nice, but they don't seem to sell it anymore. Anyone know if there are any other companies selling the same thing with a different name?

  • If I'm thinking of the same item, then I might have inadvertently come across the creator of the cap:­e.

    The two reasons I reckon they're made by the same person are the overall shape of the cap, and the little Romanian flag. I got a standard navy cap from him and it's brilliant.

  • Yes! That's it. Always wondered why the Attacus one had a Romanian flag on it...

  • The etsy shop looks great! Maybe I'll find something there. Thanks

  • Does anyone have any experience with siroko jerseys?

  • I've got one. Quality is good, cut is pretty good (for me). Now that I see they've got a sale on, I may buy another.

  • Thanks, was looking for confirmation to drop some money on the sale. I'm in

  • The only thing I'd say is the material on mine isn't quite as breathable as on some jerseys so I don't wear it in hot weather. As I said though, I'd buy again.

  • Looking at the K3 glasses and a gilet, anyone got experience with either?

  • I can't see any hot weather coming my way for some time so I reckon I'll be ok.
    Size recommendation on the site suggests 2xl, how very rude (I'm a large lad)

  • Is the sizing recommendation on the site accurate? 5ft 10 & 70kg and they suggest a medium.

  • Pro team long sleeve aero jersey - are there any competitors? Don’t like the look of the DHB Aeron version and it’s only about 30 quid less expensive.

  • Keen to snag an Albion jersey, but they're all a little boring. Is it unacceptable to wear a yellow jersey if you're not leading Le Tour? Am I overthinking this?

  • I think its fine as long as its not a replica of a Tour Jersey .

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Stylish cycling kit

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