Stylish cycling kit

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  • Pearl Izumi did a cargo base layer too, but I think that was a few years ago, I can't find any

  • Any idea why Black Sheep Clothing are so bloody expensive? They're on par with Assos, but don't seem to have the same level of technical/R&D prowess - only pretty designs.

    I quite like some of their collections, but it's very hard justifying anything at their prices.

  • Hipster tax.

  • Any chance anyone owns any Atout kit, specifically the base layers? I'm looking for first hand opinions.

  • I have two of the older mack branded jerseys and really like them. The socks are really good too. I'd happily try a base layer if I order more socks at some stage, I'd imagine they're high quality as well.

  • Controversial in the stylish thread but I find a decent hip/bum bag solves this issue any you can carry heavier stuff more comfortably. As someone else has mentioned a loose top with stuff in pockets will likely flap about.

    My Patagonia black hole with any T shirt, Swrve shorts and obviously ice white socks with navy blue double cadet stripes is my current favourite sports casual combo.

  • Or the old classic hip pouch that goes through the belt. It depends what else you're wearing when cycling round in a tshirt, if it's casual then a hip pouch or bum bag. If it's lycra then get a bar bag.

  • I just bought a fanny pack exactly so I have somewhere for jersey pocket stuff without wearing a jersey. Love it wearing casual shorts and T-shirt on the fast road bike.

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  • pretty sure they're 'in' right now so you should be fine

  • Isadore?

    Got a nice jersey not too races but definitely a jersey

  • This is an old one, £10 for 2 the same on eBay.

  • Just wondering if anyone has heard from Rotate yet?

  • I messaged him/them via the website chat last week and finally got a response, apparently he had been on holiday and would be sending stuff out shortly. I don't think thats really a valid excuse when it takes two minutes to put a banner on a website saying "orders will be shipped in 2 weeks" or even an automatic email but I went and picked up my shorts on Wednesday so I'm going to chalk this one up to bad organisation.

  • Ah cool, I’ll give him a couple of days to reply to my email then before I chase him again... glad you got it sorted in the end

  • After the rave reviews here, picked up some Swrve black cotton shorts. Build quality seems excellent.

    Wish I'd got some of the slacks now that were in the sale.

  • Any recommendations for non bib but padded undershorts, pref with pockets? Rapha do em I know. Decath do them but bad reviews. Any others?

  • Undershorts with pockets? Where do the pockets go?

  • How can they see the photos included there and think the fit and finish of those shorts looks even decent? Awful.

  • Can anyone recommend a good pair of short-finger gloves / mitts? I have the dhb Aeron Speed Mitts and they've lasted surprisingly well, but inevitably the fabric has gone slack and I'd like to get something better constructed

  • I have hestra ones for the past several years. No complaints.

  • But they're not undershorts. Surely those pockets become useless if you wear something over the top?

  • Thanks, these look good

    I remember I used to have some very comfy Hirzl gloves with a leather palm, and I'm kind of tempted by the Giro LX full leather ones

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Stylish cycling kit

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