Stylish cycling kit

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  • @Jaymo85 the Rapha ones are no longer available. You can get an Endura merino one for about £15 though.

  • I find the Endura to be a bit itchy.
    Buff does Merino version that are much more smoother. Very thin, but they are quite long, soyou can fold them in half.

  • Although I'm a Rapha FKW the merino Buffs are the best for me. I wear them off the bike too as they come in neutral colour, my oldest one is 8 years old and still going. The length is a plus for me, as when it's really cold I might wear it over my mouth, or my chin at least, than lower it down later on. You can also make a beanie and a balaclava out of it.

  • I keep getting targetted ads for the Nike Strike Snood. Not sure why, as I don't have any interest in football whatsoever, but I'm tempted to get one for cycling as I think they look quite cool, if a little bit Hannibal Lecter.

  • Not very creativity tbh, but do like.

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  • 'Bah! rain'--those riders should HTFU.

  • Wrong thread mate.

  • There isn’t a name/logo on that jersey that doesn’t look distorted and out of proportion. Mostly they’re designed like that, but it’s accentuated by collecting them together in one place. What a dog’s dinner

  • Given how much effort the average F1 team puts into livery including simulating light conditions etc, this is a bit of a mess.

  • Source? Sounds interesting

  • Sadly no online doc (although I recall something being written about it in the press when they started night races). I was told this by a friend of mine who freelanced as a livery consultant with indycar and f1 teams (and some tin top ones but I can’t remember which series). He tended to do a load of proposals based on potential sponsors then the internal team would take over when they had finalised the list of people to appear on the car. Anyway he said after this stage they’d simulate (not sure how) various lighting conditions, media types to ensure visibility was optimal

  • As with all sponsorship (F1 and cycling included), size and positioning of logo is a major part of the deal. Kit, from car to bike to helmet to jersey, has to accommodate the requirements as well as they can. See also the preponderance of sleeve and rear sponsors in football or how awful rugby league jerseys look these days. Full replica team jerseys are always a bit of a mess, but it does allow for cleaner takedown jerseys with title sponsor only or even no sponsor.
    The added complication for aero cycling jerseys is the massive amount of stretch in the fabric and the very different body shapes of pros. Even printing under tension, there is still going to be distortion of the logos across different fits.

    TLDR - it's tricky for team kit to be stylish.

  • Anyone know if these are any good?­_new_navy

    or if I'm better off with some Swrve Cordura denim?

  • Chelsea manage it.

    (You're right though. Designing across different presentations is hard/impossible right?)

  • How is morvelo stuff size wise generally?

  • not "Italian sizing" or anything, pretty true to size. Nth jerseys are a bit more of a second skin fit compared to the Standard ones

  • Tops fit as you'd expect, but find the shorts slightly odd. Slightly tight across the hip flexors but fit elsewhere. Have tried a size up (I'm a small and tried a medium), which allievieted the hip tightness but meant the bib straps felt loose. May just be me but don't have the same issue with Rapha, Assos, Castelli etc

  • I've got Morvelo gear, and it's all great aside from their bib tights, they're a bit loose on my arse, but I've never had bib tights live liked that had a pad. I also had some of their covert shorts and the pad wasn't in the right place (they took them back with no quibbles even after 30 days). But everything else is spot on, and they're my go to.

  • Looks like the parent company of Void has declared bankruptcy, not sure what this will mean for the long term of Void itself.

  • Best rain jacket for around £100?

  • Provided you don’t want Large and the pattern is to your taste, I’ve found these perform better than Santini Gwalch for eg­attack-hydrologic-jacket

  • What size are you? I've an eVent le col you can have for less than that. Medium.

    Do you want proper waterproof for shower proof?

    Also do you want it stylish or just posted here?

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Stylish cycling kit

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