Stylish cycling kit

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  • The jersey sold out very quickly.

    I really like Piet Parra work.

  • Any recommendations for non lycra trousers and jacket to use to commute? I want to try and not commute in kit but still be able to ride to work when raining.

  • Have only got some of their shorts (that are great) but swrve sell trousers that claim to be at least water repellent.

  • +1 for Swrve. I picked up some Muxu (Spanish brand) shorts from Always Riding for <£15 in the sale. Well made and cut for cycling. They do jeans as well.

  • Yes would agree, recently bought some shorts from them and happy with them. Will checkout the trousers section.

    Jacket? I've seen some people rave about a particular Arcteryx jacket, @amey?

  • Jacket on a budget - Patagonia Torrentshell
    Jacket for the best - Arcteryx Alpha FL

  • Swrve trousers are great, they aren't waterproof (except for the waterproof ones) but they keep of some rain and dry fast so they're fine for most weather.

  • @amey already has the Prada 'eyewear'

  • Any model specifically?

  • The WWR are the ones I wear throughout most of winter. They're quite warm so in spring I transition to the durable cotton, but they aren't great in the rain (they're fine, just not great). If its definitely going to rain I wear the lightweight WWR ones (or shorts + pack overtrousers)

    If It's winter and its definitely going to rain I wear the softshell waterproofs but they are very warm.

  • Don't know where to better put this. Any "technical shirts" that I can wear on the bike for commuting (30k x2) as I want to look less "full on lycra"?

  • Other half has been riding in the Woodsmoke shirt from Alpkit, Naranjo
    looks better suited to summer­layers

    She also tried the jersey/shirt morvelo stuff but it was just a bit weird.
    I'd also give Icebreaker a look, spendy but you only need 1 and it's much less washing. Have been using their Tech Lite tshirt and it's great.

  • thanks, will check it out!

  • Decathlon do a load of MTB style stuff which could work

  • How do you mean by "technical shirts" ?

    For overshirts I really like my swrve wool shirt + chore jacket but maybe a bit much when the temp is over 15 degrees, but pack really well and don't crease.­ura-combat-wool-capsule-collection

    They also did a stretch short sleeve shirt but its hard to find (appears on ebay sometimes)

    For summer I recently bought a nylon overshirt from amazon which is decent and xtremely lightweight/vented and looks pretty normal (no logo) though i find the sleeves are a little short on my size L (uk size M) (I'm a pretty average 5'10 but I can do pullups which sometimes takes up some sleeve space. )­29VPJ4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s0­0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    If you mean t-shirts that are technical but look smart-ish I doubt you could do better thane the dry x polos sumo mentioned.

    Other possibility is ebay some Rohan. I quite like Rohan but last time I went into a shop one of the shop staff started asking me about my genetic background and whether I had any "mongolian ancestors" because she was "interested in racial heritage" so I've not been back since.

    TBH 60k in a day rides where you don't want to wear lycra are my wheelhouse so I'd be interested in what people say!

  • Also interested in 'normal' fit t-shirts that are quick-drying. I've struggled to find plain black t-shirts like this. Annoyingly Uniqlo are out of stock in my size :-/

  • See also the TK Maxx sports section, it's full of tshirts made for running so good at breathing/wicking.

  •­WK2A4A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title­?ie=UTF8&psc=1 are the best quick drying plain tshirts I've found. They are quite on the boxy side but don't have any sports tshirt details whatsoever. The uniqlo dry ex polos and tees do have sort of mesh sections which slightly marr the greyman aesthetic.

    For 3/4 of the year I think merino would be the better choice if you can stomach the lack of veganism (Maybe you could justify it to yourself by saying that it's at least less microplastics) available from whomever you find in the merino wool thread( icebreaker, finisterre all do or have done 'regular fit' merino tshirts with minimal/no/easily removable branding)

  • I've tried TK, but everything was a bit too logo-heavy.

    I might order one of those on that amazon link - looks like it might be what I'm after. cheers!

  • Just got some swrve shorts and they are a bit tight, like trunks tight! Any recommendations for tailored bike friendly shorts for the ample buttocked giant?

  • Eat less food

  • I'm not a big fan of my Patagonia Torrentshell tbh! I think it looks good and is fine for day to day wear but I've gone back to using my cheap as fuck, battered old Helly Hansen for courier work because the Patagonia just isn't that waterproof.

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Stylish cycling kit

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