• Great thanks @clubman for the info.
    As for sprints in the winter, I have a good pair of tubs and the weight saving is a big win for me over my practical, albeit sluggish 27.1.1/4 commuter bike.

  • sluggish 27.1.1/4 commuter bike.

    You are absolutely correct - even heavy tubs are a big improvement over 27's (although little gain over good 700's).

    But going back to that photo, it's worth mentioning that the group wasn't absolutely typical of a Hounslow training run at that time. For one thing the Bern and Eth ride was invitation only - it had to be because the Thompsons couldn't cater for unlimited numbers.

    A more normal early season ride worked something like this: there would be a sort of 'inner circle' of the strongest riders, perhaps half a dozen or so, and they would agree what bikes should be used for the coming weekend - essentially whether to stick to winter bikes (commuter bikes, single speed, lights, luggage racks etc.) or to change to training bikes, which were essentially road bikes using downgraded racing kit - but mostly with heavy tubs and mudguards.

    So when the big boys were still on winter bikes, the rest of us, the lesser mortals, who were encouraged to tag along, could either try to be tough and use our own winter bike, or use the best bike we had and hope to last a bit longer.

    I should mention that there was generally no waiting for stragglers, so once dropped you were on your own. I used to carry a small scale motoring map which covered all the areas we were likely to get to - this enabled me to get home by the shortest and easiest route if I got shelled out. This may sound harsh, but it was a good system in that it allowed the good riders to train hard and the others to join in for as long as they could. It created the ambition for the dropped riders to last a bit longer the next time and eventually to last all the way back to Staines. By the time you'd got to that stage you would at least have the strength to stay in a third cat. road race bunch or hope to get under the hour (no tri-bars or other aero kit!).

  • Some splendid photos of Ray Booty from cycling weekly

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  • they're great. Nice Raleigh track frame too.

  • Nice Raleigh track frame too.

    Many years after his racing career had come to an end, Booty was asked by an interviewer (from CW, I think) if he still had the Raleigh frame he used for his records: 'Yes' replied the Boot,'I rode to work on it this morning'.

    So clearly he agreed with you, Jeff80 !

  • A week to go @jeff80 how are you looking.
    I've done a little tinkering today and I'm almost ready, I just need to fit a water bottle holder, which always ends up being trickier than it sounds as there are no lug fittings on the frame.
    and a final test ride.

  • Not sure if you are still looking, but just in case you are (or any other member here) - picked up a nice vintage bike with couple of sets of sprints I do not intend to use

    • Campaq low flange (126 OLN rear) hubs 36/36 on vintage Wobler Super Champion rims+ original QRs
    • Airlite low flange hubs (120 OLN) hubs 40/32 on vintage Weinmann Scherens rims + original QRs + additional front wheel! A set including QRs comes at around 1.8kg on my kitchen scales

    All very nice, smooth and straight. No idea on value, but prefer to go to a nice build than dealing with evil bay. Let me know if interested.

  • Hello foreigner
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I would definitely be interested in the airlites.
    I will send you a PM.

  • Just firstly to say how much I enjoy this thread!

    And then a question for you fellow 50s bike fans: have any of you had experience converting a French bike with a cyclo deraileur to a 'modern' (70s or 80s) rear derailleur? Jan Heine said somewhere that they collect a lot of dirt for some reason (don't really understand why it would be any different). Anyway, I have an idea that they are not ideal.

    I'm considering a bike for sale, but want to really use it for longer trips, camping too. So, just wondering if its possible to convert. Here's a photo.

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    • screenshot.jpg
  • Close up.

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    • screenshot detail.jpg
  • using the same hanger on the stay, do you mean?

  • Hi and thanks for your reply! Well, ideally I would like to get an oldish Suntour deraileur hanger and attach it on the wheel axis/nut - so where one would usually attach it. I'd need an adapter 'claw' (I think you call it).

    I'd remove this one on now.

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Pre 1950s rides of LFGSS: old bikes, vintage rats, classic lightweights

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