• Is your drop out plain/no mech hanger?

  • Anyone can make up this address?
    Connaught, Sutton?

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  • BTW, some gentle steel wool cleaning happened

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  • Maybe -
    46 Connaught Rd ?

  • Looks a lot like it. Maybe someone Bell, 44 or 46 or maybe 4b, Connaught Road. The road looks like it's all houses on Google Maps.

  • Interesting early Bates with Villiers two speed

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  • The gold was a non-professional respray but all the parts were probably unchanged from the 50s. According to the Ellis Briggs order book it was originally Gun Metal grey with red head tube and seat tube band with red lug lining and double boxing.

    I had to roll back on building it up when I realised I don't have the space to store a full bike, so it currently has no crank, wheels or mechs fitted. I also lost a bit of momentum when I took it back to Ellis Briggs for the respray and the were so useless it took months of phone calls to get it back....

    Vague plan is to build it up and then move it on as it's far too small for me.

  • mine? yes. No mech hanger i think. Will that be an issue? So regarding the braze on, I guess the question is can I run a gran sport rear mech off a simplex type sgfter lever? It's never simple, is it..?

  • Yeah saw that too.

    The owner maybe? And painted like that on the frame? Weird.

    Maybe sort of "if found being back to"?

  • the question is can I run a gran sport rear mech off a simplex type sgfter lever?

    Sure, they’re all dead simple friction shifters.
    The Simplex 51 shifts better according to some.
    Huret and Benelux are strong contenders too, Huret were more innovative and Benelux are very British.

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  • That's good to know, I thought they must be compatible. Looks like I'll go this direction then. I always thought that some of the restorations etc you get on Classic Lightweights must be a bit 'wishful thinking'- all full groupsets and full top end parts throughout-not how bikes tend to evolve. I know my Dad's old Carlton he's had since a kid has had several rear mechs and is a bit of a mix-I think he said he changed the rear derailleur to a Campagnolo one after recovering it from being stolen-it certainly didn't come with one originally.

  • Pre-War galore:

    Claud Butler tandem and a nice Rensch/Paris in Wigton:

    Another 30s Claud tandem but this in 70s disguise and with fancy lugs a suspicious description:

  • I need some new tubulars for my Blue Riband as the old ones have perished past redemption. Any suggestions for something all black that doesn't look too modern?

  • F H Scot and a number of other bikes coming up for sale

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  • Hetchins and a few Bates diadrent forks. What's the name on the second bike along?

  • The red one? Ephgrave.

  • Thanks, viewing on crappy ten year old tablet lol

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274799665504
    This seller has some useful and interesting bits for sale. Pricing seems fair too.

  • I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but I went down a pot hole recently and have dented the front alloy Fiamme tub rim. It's slightly buckled and almost squared off the rim, only confined to that area though.
    I only really noticed it as the rim was rubbing against the brake shoe.
    Any idea whether this can be repaired by me/amateur or a wheel wright or is it knackered?

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  • It looks like it's bulging downwards slightly (inwards towards the hub) as well as out at the sides. It could be fixable I suppose but I think I would be worried it could 'fold' at this point....I'm no expert though

  • I have to agree with you, reshaping albeit only small amounts is surely going to weaken the alloy.

  • I'm afraid rims are like tyres, and have to be considered as expendable items.

    There are a few talented and highly skilled people who can sometimes improve 'flats' and there are tools in existence designed to repair Westwood rims suffering from this problem.

    In this case I think the rim is knackered because, even if it could be made completely circular again, there would still be a lump on the braking area.

    However, it shouldn't be a great tragedy, because the world is still abundant with sprint rims that nobody wants, so I would just find a suitable rim and replace using the existing spokes.

  • Fiamme are tough critters, flatten it with a block of wood and a hammer while looking for a replacement :)

  • Let me know if you need a rim,I may well have a suitable replacement.

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Pre 1950s rides of LFGSS: old bikes, vintage rats, classic lightweights

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