• Campy N.record/Stroglight/Weimann on a Claud Butler project bike - if you happen to live near Blackpool :-(
    Ends in 2hrs, no bids yet, starts at £200


  • Paint, decals and the paint of the lining has had no damage at all.
    I'll be careful, but I think I can clean more.

    Possibly remove some of that rust?

  • that's good, it looks like it will come up really well. I find some VERY soft wire wool and wd40 or similar cleans of rust nicely if your very patient and gentle. Depends if there is still paint or decal underneath it though whether this is an appropriate approach.

  • Don't think there's much paint under much of that rust, but I'd like to still protect it.
    Kurust doesn't appeal me, it turns rust into some black stuff that, yes, protects the frame, but it's black :) won't look the part.
    I'll try fine wire whool and WD40 and after that a bit of paint renovator plus some polish as suggested by the SBDU guy.
    I'll be careful.

    The Crankalicious stuff was great, very gentle,

  • yes, don't use Kurust. I used something similar in the past on my old Flyer frame, and regretted it later

  • Yeah I saw how it behaved on a SBDU frame

  • Interesting Hetchins type lug style on what might otherwise be a Carlton frame ??
    £95 Buy it now

    If you know what it is, please share

  • £110 BIN already :)

    Interesting frame, shame the fork is missing

  • Look like Nervex lugs with additions brazed on. Fancy Carlton International and Jewel were much more ornate.

  • Possibly a Leader Cycles of Croydon. There have been a couple of frames with the same style pattern used on the forks on ebay recently.

    I've found one facebook:

  • Bit of advice please-has anyone ever used a clear coat or lacquer to protect original paint, decals etc, and if so which one- I've just bought a very ratty Ellis Briggs frame from Muswell Hill jumble that although it's lost most of it's original flamboyant topcoat still has faded decals etc showing that I'd like to preserve. I also want to lacquer over my Paragon track shown a few pages back as it tends to get used quite a bit in summer and has picked up a few marks, and so again the original finish needs protecting really for my peace of mind.

    I don't want a glossy lacquer/clear coat if possible, but do want something durable, preferably UV protecting, with a matte or Satin finish in order to prevent losses and further fading...

  • Just on the train back from Chichister with that sweet Blue Riband SWB tandem. It's a thing of beauty.

    1 Attachment

    • 20210509_165510.jpg
  • What a beauty - not driven by brand i/d, or component BS, just a superb bike ! Well spotted - hope it goes to a good home.

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