• Lyotard M23 Pedals

    As it happens I've favoured these pedals for decades - they suit me, although they may not be best for everyone.

    A couple of points -

    • Sideshow Bob doesn't say whether he's looking for pedals for steel or ali cranks. The steel pedals have a shorter thread - if these are used with ali cranks there is some risk that the pedal will tear itself out of the crank. If you use the long thread with steel it will project beyond the inside edge of the crank, which doesn't look great and could catch on the chain.

    • 'Good condition' These pedals have an ali 'support' (I can't think of a better word) which goes between the barrel and the top of the pedal (the 'platform'). The top of this support is rivetted (swaged? beaten out? not sure of the correct word) to hold it onto the steel platform. The ali wears fairly rapidly and eventually the platform becomes loose and falls off.

    So, they're good pedals, but don't pay a lot of money unless you're sure you're getting what you need.

  • Anyone want these tubular rims?
    2 x Brevetto Longhi stamped Fiamme rims. 1 x 36 H 1 x 40H. The 36 H seems more narrow and boxy. Also, quite a rare 40H Constrictor rim. I'm decluttering.
    FREE to any regular contributor to this thread who will use (or at least hoard for a rainy day :). Collection from SE6 or E14 on Weds and Fri.

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    • 20201003_100428.jpg
    • 20201003_100405.jpg
  • Ah! I have a matching 36H Fiamme if anyone wants to make a Continental pair. Same deal. Collect mine from Egham, Staines or Teddington.

  • Fiamme made a specific rim for use on track, no real braking surface. I'd that the narrow one?

  • We’ve been talking about those in SideshowBob’s ‘47 Holdsworth thread because we thought his new ones might have been the track ones. Looking at the catalogue pics, they have a much more chamfered side.

    I have early 50s 32/40 hole Fiamme rims and they’re very shallow. I also have one later 36 hole rim which is narrower and taller like the one in the pic above. They look basically identical to the older, slightly wider ones until you put them next to each other. I think they’re 1960s or maybe early 1970s, but they’re not the track ones.

  • Thanks, just curious. Not seen a Fiamme track rim in the flesh for more than 40 years lol.

  • @clubman thanks very much -
    Didn't realise that these pedals were made for both steel and ali cranks.

    Looking at velobase they have the ali specific ones as being - 23AL and thanks for highlighting the wear issue.

    The one's I'm looking for are for steel cranks.

  • Huh, my 36-hole one is different again!

    The one at the back is a 40-hole wood-filled Scheeren tubular rim. 300g, so brain-bendingly light for its age. It’s got a couple of hairline cracks on some of the spoke holes but should build up fine because the spokes pull on the outside rim on these. Also free to any regular user of this thread.

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    • DF4B1E0C-C236-43D9-9C1D-5992401CF1FD.jpeg
    • 83B41B34-F498-4FCD-A194-587AC78D6E68.jpeg
  • is your scheeren rims the weltmeister model? i have 2 rear 40H rims and they weigh 220g each, crazy light!

  • Anyone have a good condition pair of Holdsworth Allez pedals for sale?


  • I don’t know, I haven’t been able to find enough information on these to properly identify it, either the model or the age. Your one at 220g is insane though!

    What’s left of the decals on mine makes me think it’s 50s. The style and typeface doesn’t look 30s or 40s to me. Well, maybe late 40s.

  • There's some cracks on my constrictor tubular rims a
    round the spokes as well, but they've been find for the amount of rides I did on them over spring/summer (Obviously not everyday riding). I just keep an eye on them and check after every ride to make sure non are getting catastrophically large. I'm not too heavy, 70kg or so so I think they're fine, although London roads are really not the best for them...

  • It certainly does seem crazy to have such a light rim drilled for 40 spokes !

  • That front brake lever lol

  • That Stallard is now for sale as a frame only:
    I think it is a 1948 Berwyn model.

  • Long shot, anyone got a pair of bolts that tighten the concentric front bottom bracket for my CB build?

  • Have you got a pic of what you're after?

  • Ah, yes, like so (only not so bendy :)

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    • 0F250325-8DB1-4CE7-91D6-B0F179A2D0E5.jpeg
  • If I were you rather than faff around for ages to find exact replacements, I'd just measure the existing bolts and find some modern equivalents from somewhere like: https://www.a2stainless.co.uk/

    From my experience with the eccentric bb in my 30s tandem, they need to be verry tight to prevent movement!

  • Hmm. Probably not a bad idea. And likely the reason one was sheared in half and the other is a banana.

  • Bought some John Bull Super Sports grips but finding it difficult to get an age for them.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    • Fotor_160231649424391.jpg
  • '50s I would guess. There's a bit of information about John Bull here:


  • So the new chater lea stuff.. I know we are not talking about pre50s but I still feel like this thread will have the most users familiar with their stuff.
    Does anybody know if they are even based in the UK now? As far as I can see its two Americans running the show now!

  • Got a few shots of my father’s 1947 Gillott today before giving it back to him after a long term loan... sad times

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