• Hello was wondering if any one can id this frame.

    I was told that the complete bike was bought new in the 80's from OT cycles in Dartford, but that doesn't feel right with the lugwork on the frame and the person I got it from though that the frame was one built by a local frame builder for OT cycles hence the fancy lug work. But looking at the stem, which I have just found out is a holdsworth il primo milano makes the suspect that the frame was resprayed and sold on labelled as OT cycles.

    Any ideas on a maker or age? Can see a frame number but will look again, suspect the number has been lost under the paint.

  • Dredging the memory but are the lugs Oscar Egg Super champion? Carlton flyer ish from way back?

  • Here is a bigger picture of the headset lugs

  • Very common lugs they could be from any number of frame builders, your best bet is finding a frame number, is there anything on the fork steerer, saying that there was talk on the "OT Dartford" thread that the forks were not original to the frame.?

  • Forks aren't original. Will look again today.

  • Your Old Derailleur

    I can't immediately put a name to this, but I'm pretty sure I've seen pre-war adverts for something very like it. I'll keep my eyes open when looking at old Cyclings (something I do too frequently to be really healthy !)

    I wonder if the threaded cable connector would take a Sturmey fitting. I don't think for a moment your mech is anything to do with SA, but it might well have been made to take the same fitting, which would make it easier for you if you ever manage to find a use for this mech.

  • OT Cycle

    There is a frame number on the bottom bracket of 551003, the numbers are standard stamped number set. There was a random sticker on the bb shell so didn't see the number till removed.

    The head of the frame has two holes as if for a frame badge to be mounted but there is a sticker instead. The rear brake stay doesn't look drilled, so was supposed to have a rear brake, not something added later. So suspect that the frame was an old frame that was repainted and sold on.

  • Anyone have a Reynolds R5 seat post for sale?
    I'm also looking for a good condition set of 40s brake levers.

  • Cheers Chris! Found it late last night!

    It’s a TriVelox B or C http://velobase.com/ViewComponent.aspx?I­D=e5d6f667-bb0b-4c0f-a3e4-f69dcb61a700&E­num=108

    Can’t remember why I bought it now because it was ages ago, but it might have been for the derailleur hanger. I have this vague recollection I had my eye on a Resilion set but no way to mount it at the back. Good tip on the Sturmey fittings.

  • Interesting - I did think it might be a Trivelox, but I was under the impression they only made a 'moving block' model. You live and learn.

    Are you planning to use it? Apart from the rest of the bike, you'll need a tension spring and a block - I might be able to help with the latter.

    BTW Have you noticed the tiny 'Norman' I've posted in the Kid's Bike thread. I was undecided whether to put it here, but decided against that as I thought the non period new tyres spoilt its vintage originality !

  • And it’s now very blue.

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  • Wow baby blue..!
    Nice where did you get it sprayed?

  • Indeed. Just somehow felt it had to be! And it does look good, although perhaps not technically period-correct lol
    Was done by Unimet in Reading. They’ve done a good job, second time I’ve used them now. Would recommend, they’ll do a f&f, single colour, for £70 cash from colours in stock.

  • Are you planning to use it? Apart from the rest of the bike, you'll need a tension spring and a block - I might be able to help with the latter.

    I don't have any immediate plans to use it as I have a 3-speed Benelux mech, shifter and a 1/8" 3-speed block. As I said, I think I only got it for the mount, but now I know how rare it is (and it's never been used) I probably won't split it. I need to have a rummage at work for a tension spring, I think there's probably something in the stash.

  • Trivelox

    It seems to me that the Trivelox has a long enough tension arm to allow for a big difference in the number of teeth. So it could probably cope with quite a gap between two front chainrings
    (just like my Cyclo) which would make a rather impractical three speed bike into a useful touring machine.

    Just a thought !

  • My 47' Holdsworth needs a seat post bolt.

    Can anyone tell me what type of bolt would have been used and any makes to look out for and if anyone has something suitable they wish to sell me, Please let me know.

    I cannot find anything online to show what would have been used.

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  • no little notch to seat one end of the bolt into?

  • Back to the OT cycles bike:
    Here is a picture of the BB serial number

    Here is a picture of the rear brake bridge

    Here is the bit I noticed that the BB has an oil port so the frame must be alot older that 80's.

  • Could be, Don't have the frame to currently check it.

  • Back to the OT cycles bike:
    Here is a picture of the BB serial number

    It's not possible to be certain about this, but that number 551003 could very easily mean: The third frame built (or sold ) by me (the builder or retailer) in 1955.

    That date would fit pretty well with the style of the lugs and the bb oiler.

    If there's no transfer with the tubing brand (eg 531) then it's almost certainly been resprayed, in which case the downtube transfer doesn't really tell you much.

    It's a pity about the forks - the originals would probably have been round section, but it will probably ride ok with the replacements, which appear to have a reasonably suitable rake.

    Be careful how you treat that nice TA single chainring - it could easily get damaged by allowing it to rest on the ground as shown in the first picture.

  • If it does have the notch I have a bolt you could have. Cannot remember the make, but's it's certainly good quality

  • That sounds great, It will be a couple of months approx before I get the frame back from the painters to check whether it would be suitable.

  • First pic wasn't me. Not looked close enough to check for damage. At the mo, it is hanging from the ceiling in my garage.

    Should I fit 700c wheels ;)

  • Anyone got a good condition 1940-50s handlebar water bottle cage for sale?


  • Couple of projects:

    Lugless Hinds in Sunbury

    Mystery lugless French Frameset with interesting rear mech, in Hounslow

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