• Yet another upside down Simplex!

  • Not mine but is there any interest on here for a “1948 humber beeston clubman. The paintwork is gone, but i rubbed it down with emery and piled on plenty of laquer.£140 inc post”

    Made this post on behalf of someone I bought I bike off recently and would be good to help him out.

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  • Looks like quite a large frame?

  • Could have asked elsewhere on the forum, and these are definitely well post 1950s, but the knowledge on this thread I'm sure won't disappoint... Anyone knows what the brand on these canti brakes is? Seen that logo before but can remember...

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  • Thanks!
    So some cheap stuff then... They don't feel bad though, not as nice as Mafac but similar standard to weinman imho...

  • Yes, I fitted similar canti's on a '50's Dawes and they worked very well.
    Cheap, standard kit from early 90's MTBs, but they look quite good on vintage bikes if you ask me

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  • Apologies in advance, but likely though this thread might be a good place to ask if anyone has a 25mm dia set of bars? Looking for fit with this stem.

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  • Hat-tip to @Jonny69 for suggesting this should go in here...
    ...my first tandem and, quite possibly my first actual pre-1950 biek.
    All and any observations welcome, plus advice on sourcing a drivetrain and how the hell this all goes together.
    Can’t wait to get this back on the road :)

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  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164347323209
    Nice Hobbs. Sort of half bilaminated and half welded. Lytaloy headset.

  • https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=­https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm­%2F114362220204

    Quite tempted by this, any reason I shouldn't?
    (If anyone here wants to bid I won't, I don't need another project!)

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/waverley45­/26389665970/in/pool-oldcycles_
    Looks good, apart the split in the seat tube but I'm sure it's ridable as it is

  • apart the split in the seat tube

    I was going a nice clean dremel cut ended by a 2/3mm diameter drilling would sort that, am I being naive?

    Thanks for the link!

  • Yes, I think that would do it. Just be sure you drill the hole beyond the end of the crack.

    If you had that crack repaired back in the day, that’s exactly what they would do and then simply plug the hole and fill the gap with braze. When I reamed the seat cluster on my Parkes I uncovered a repair just like it.

  • Thanks for the comments and references @Jonny69 and @falconvitesse , if I can snap this for just under £150 including postage is that ok or overpriced? (In comparison with the Facebook example)
    It's not that I've always wanted a MacLean, but back when I was working in Putney there was an older gentleman I used to spot now and then on one, quite elegant, crossing the bridge at a noble pace... Since then I'm aware of them and check them on eBay, they're often too small for me or too expensive.
    I have a nice almost NOS steel cotter pin Stronglight crankset that would go nicely for it, and probably a few other bits... I'll need wheels as I got rid of my last pair of 27 1/4 a few years back, so I'll be bargain hunting for that. It has to be a cheap build as I really shouldn't get another bike... I doubt I'll do crazy on the period correctness.
    Or maybe I just shouldn't...

  • That said this seems to be intended for a single ring crankset, and my Stronglight's a double..

  • Nice frame, shame about the transmission!

    I wonder if there's any chance the vendor still has the original kit?

    I note the wheels are not 700's - they are 27's ( readable on the tyre )

    I've had one of those Lytaloy headset locknuts for decades, but I've never had a Lytaloy headset to go with it.

    (This refers to the Hobbs ad. posted here by Falconvitesse above. Strangely, when I posted it looked as though my contribution would go next to Falconvitesse's post, but something intervened!)

  • Argh... Gonna pass, temptation lost the battle against reason. Really my ongoing project before starting another. Boring!

  • Shame, however maybe it's because in the back of your mind you knew it wasn't the bike for you.

  • #crossthread how's the tandem getting on it's been two weeks now, I guess your almost reaching completion now.

  • Yes, I really want to have an old build again (not that I have anything modern anyway, it's all British and French built steel bikes at home) and use that nice crankset, but one project at the time and I should probably make some space first.

  • Ha! Had to promise to finish the Holdsworth, which I did yesterday, so should have the CB ready by next weekend. Not.
    Will take some more pictures later, going to have a scratch to find the serial numbers.
    Also, needs drivetrain.

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