• Is your problem with the spindles you have that they are too short to allow clearance for the chainring against the chainstay? If so I can offer some possible solutions.

    1. Use a block spacing washer to bring the fixed cup slightly further to the right.

    2. file the side of the cotter pin to allow the crank to come slightly further out on the spindle.

    3. dent the chainstay with a cold chisel (sounds drastic, but was common - although not necessarily good - practice).

    4. If you have a right hand crank which is intended for a double chain ring, change it for one intended for a single. This will make the clearance for the front derailleur cage a bit tight, but it should be manageable, with care. It will create quite a bit more space.

    BTW: Long spindles are sometimes marked 'GCC' (gear case clearance). Shorter ones may be marked 'NGCC' (NonGCC).

    If you still need a long spindle, let me know - I might be able to find one. Using the techniques above I can usually manage with short spindles, which I believe make for more efficient pedalling and less knee ache.

  • No worries, sorry I couldn't help. What's it going on? Do you have cups and cranks picked out already?

  • I have a Stronglight double with decent cones you're welcome to. The ends are a bit ratty, but would look ok de-rusted and polished. Pics are of it next to the Phillips so not the same length on right as the BW #14.

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  • @veloham I have BW cones ready to go it's just the axle I need. What length is the strong light.

  • Overall length is very similar, Stronglight 130mm vs Phillips/BW 128mm. The LHS is also very similar but the centre of the Stronglight is longer and RHS shorter.

    I'm no bike mechanic but my puzzling it out comes to this - your BW fixed cup will be screwed in the same depth whatever axle, and lining up RHS cones the beds for the cotters on the RHS line up, so guess you'll have similar chain stay clearance etc. The adjustable cup will be 3.5mm less screwed in and also the left crank further out than with the BW axle.

    The "A" on the Stronglight axle means it's for English dimensions. In the 1958 Stronglight catalogue axle length 132 is for doubles, not sure what 130 is for! Not sure why the center is bigger on the Stronglight, afaik both use 1/4" balls, eyeballing some cups it does look like the BW ball track is more 'banked' so the balls would sit further inside the cup. I dunno. Think this is in the suck it and see category of bicycle mechanics :)

    I think if it was me I'd probaly hold out for a BW axle, but you are very welcome to this one :D

    Pics are with the RHS cone/shoulder lined up.

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  • Alas, I have one but it's the 12.

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  • hanks again @veloham but you keep the axles I don't want to take your stronglight spindle just because I am to impatient for something else to turn up.

  • @falconvitesse here you go...


    The second one in the pics looks better condition.

  • Not perfect but buy it now £16 and no postage. Laura's not been heeding the government's advice to wash her hands regularly!

  • Hi @clubman, yes the chainring is rubbing against the chainstay using a NGCC spindle,
    The original BB is too pitted to reuse.
    The chainstay has already been tapered so I don't really want to weaken the tubing any more than it is.
    I agree though I think it's good to use the shortest axle you can, however a single speed axle gives no wiggle room at all.
    FYI in my quest for the correct size axle, I accidentally bought a new old stock Bayliss tandem size 21 spindle if anyone needs one.

  • I'll have a look in my loft for you at the weekend see what I can dig up-what size axle did you need again?

  • Here's a nos one , bit $$ with postage from Greece


    Have you asked Hilary Stone? Always worth giving him a call, I just got the Stronglight 113mm cotterless I've been after for ages from him.

  • Great find @veloham, I took the plunge and bought it. Will keep you posted.
    Didn't you buy that stronglight part before Christmas?

  • Now I'm confused :D

    I did pounce on a 113mm on Ebay from bwskinner on 13th Dec, that's not you is it? I'd been watching for one for months (and keeping an eye out since then as well). I've got some nice cups for that one too - it's going on the Mercian attached.

    I've stupidly got 2 projects significantly on the go, another 2 in the attic I keep thinking about / buying the odd part for and the obligatory build for my wife ongoing. Luckily she's in no rush.

    I have steel 49a cranks, which I'm pretty sure will go on the Mercian with TA single adapter. However I also have an early set of 49d and a Stronglight single 1/8" ring. So have been looking for another axle and cups to go with it. Hilary had a nos one, looks like nos adjustable cup and decent condition fixed cup for £35.

    Anyway, he's always worth a call, or a visit if you can get to his Aladdin's cave in Wales. He's a rum old cove, but who isn't these days :)

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  • This is pretty much the bb set I've been putting together, pics from the 1958 Fonteyn / Stronglight catalogue in the VCC library. The bups I have look just like that, but have "STRONGLIGHT" engraved around the lock ring. Looks contemporary with the Competition headset at least.

    The one Hilary is selling me looks a little older from various adverts and engravings I've looked at. Unfortunately bbs aren't such a sexy part that get pictured often in adverts and catalogues :)

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  • nice bups :D

  • It's not me I try to avoid selling anything as I always end up needing the part and end up regretting it.
    A prime example would have been my 1950s Cinelli track stem and bars which I sold for peanuts a couple of years back or my Campagnolo twin bolt seat stem which I included in a frame sale and inevitably got peanuts for.

  • Never bundle.

  • I've got 2 axles at 123 mm I think , but the condition is not perfect. Will they help, I can get them from the loft if you need....nNo BW 14 though, sadly.

  • Nice engravings. Phnarr etc.

  • Oof they’re real knee rubbers, I’ll share some pics ;)

    Food for thought @falconvitesse @Skülly I’ve got a fair bit I’ve been thinking about putting on ebay. Problem with keeping it is I’ll need another bike 😬

  • Talking of knee rubbers ... I've spent a lot of today polishing my adaptor. I was going to say polishing my ring, but cheap gag and factually inaccurate. I gave my nuts a good polish last weekend.

    I hope we've all managed to stockpile enough wet & dry and Autosol to see out the crisis :)

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  • N.B. if anyone has any spare Stronglight nuts like the ref 10 in my previous post pleast let me know. I only have 3 good ones left, one cracked and I seem to have lost one >.<

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