• Juy 51 Simplex deraileur, never set one of these up before should be fun, I hope it's not as fiddly as the. TDF deraileur.

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  • The dust is from the 'white roads' of L'Eroica.

  • Lovely machines.

    They're built to be abused!

  • We had a discussion on setting up these coil spring jobbies a few pages back - that should save you a few minutes and many cuss-words ;-)

  • I thought that was for the older Tour de France model, this is the twin cabled Simplex Juy 51, from 1951.
    Anyway it wasn't as hard as I thought, probably after having so much exposure to the older type I new what to expect.
    The second cable is attached to the main cable via a nut and bolt, just before the chainstay gear lug. It is threaded through the same outer gear cable (I had to use brake cable as the gear cable was to narrow for both cables) and is attached to the pulley spring.
    As I change gear the second cable pulls the pulley spring tighter. Not sure it really makes a difference but It looks really cool in action.

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  • Juy 51 in action

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  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402087852037
    I'm staggered at the price this went for.

  • That Bates - I find prices like that depressing. It's the old bike equivalent of gentrification.

  • Here's a frame I bought for £5 - although I must admit it was 44 years ago. It has just acquired its third child user under my management.

    It's a 19" frame with 10.5" bottom bracket. It's on 26 x 1.25 tyres. No idea about the maker - I guess it's either just pre or maybe just post war.

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  • I can see how the JUY 51 works, but I don't see why it's an advantage to use the pull of the cable to keep the chain in tension rather than just winding up the spring a bit tighter. It's a similar idea to the twin lever Huret, but that allows the rider a choice as to how tight he wants the chain to be.

    What strikes me is the way that theories come and go. I've never heard anyone worrying that their chain tension is too tight and causing excessive friction, or that its slackness caused the chain to come off - the idea is completely dead. And yet most fixed/SS enthusiasts will say that their bike seems to run freer than a derailleur machine, which surely suggests there could be something in this vintage idea.

  • Not sure why but that looks like a very old Carlton..

  • It does seem to work surprisingly well, however I think the reason it didn't catch on was because it's a nightmare to set up. It's just so fiddly, particularly as it works without the added cable.
    Love the forks on your frame, the rake was definitely done by someone that new what they were doing.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193349095009
    Is this a lytaloy stem?
    If it is @7ven you will need this for your Lytaloy groupset.

  • It's a beautiful stem!

  • I had toyed with the idea of putting in a cheeky bid for that frame. My size and I’ve had my eye out for something in original finish. I thought anyone that cared would be more focused on the seller’s Hetchins (listed as a Tour de France, but probably not one). Managed to talk myself out of it but very shocked when I idly wondered what it ended up going for. Original paint, pre war but a Vegrandis and needing a lot of TLC for a grand 😱

  • Sorry “cared” was the wrong word, I meant anyone spending big! Slightly surprised the Hetchins didn’t go for more.

  • @veloham I too was very surprised by the outcome as the price of the Bates started very slowly and then went off the scale within the last hour.
    Both were lovely I would have liked either of them.

  • The 1951 all chrome ROH is the one on EBay doing it for me at the moment.
    Think I’ve talked myself out of it! Luckily didn’t have the cash for the ROH branded stem listed recently or I’d be forced to bid on this :)

  • 22" 1946 Carpenter in Totnes:

  • I don't suppose anyone has a Baylis Wiley Spindle they could sell me, I need a size "14" or a Chapter lea equivalent which I think is a "1240/1".
    It has to be in good condition with little or no pitting.
    The last 3 I bought have been the wrong size, how hard can it be...?

  • I'll take a look for you buddy. Give me a couple of days :)

  • I thought I was going to be able to help, but the cones are quite pitted. You're welcome to it if you want it, I'll shout you the postage ...
    I've got a Phillips double axle you're welcome to - same measurements as the BW #14. According to Brown Brothers 1952:

     A 1 9/32"
     B 2 1/32"
     C 1 5/8"

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  • pics of condition

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  • Thanks for looking @veloham.
    I already have a pitted axle, I definitely need something new or in excellent condition.

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Pre 1950s rides of LFGSS: old bikes, vintage rats, classic lightweights

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