• ^ yes that's right. Was typing mine when you posted it.
    That's why penetrating oil and patience will pay off, and it's not about applying force until something gives because that might just be your hub.
    I've done it lacing the whole wheel (a bit of time consuming pain) but you'll make sure that you distribute the forces evenly.

  • Nice pipe. I have built up a little collection myself over the years. Though now they are only for show. Smoking and cycling don't really seem to marry so well.

  • Skillz

  • these dudes have style

  • Wow ... what an epic photo! What I'd give to swap places for one of those guys and see the world on a bike back then ... (1890's?) I've got the pipe and the whiskers already, I'm nearly good to go ...

    Anyway, a quick hub update. Thanks for the advice on here by the way. In the end I found a chain whip on ebay (I've no idea why I didn't have one already ...). I thought I'd try brute force and ignorance first, and made a wooden collar for the hub, that fitted between the flanges. I then put a couple of planks either side as well that the fixed cog could bite into. Then I welded the three speed up, as it was so worn it didn't lock any more.
    Rather than loose off the three speed, I just unlocked the fixed gear.
    Then with that out of the way, and some of the spokes removed, I clamped the hub horizontally by both the flanges, between a couple of planks of wood. By giving the chain whip sharp taps with a hammer the three speed eventually freed itself.

    Untitled by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    I didn't recognise the logo on the hub, but after getting the gears off it has revealed itself to be a Gnutti. Not a brand I am aware off, but a good Italian company back in the day.


  • Did I really kill this thread?

    Just got a little project back on the road this weekend.
    Found an early Raleigh Lenton last year on ebay with a £50 BIN, and couldn't help myself. It was in deepest darkest Devon so a mate who was local picked it up and stored it for several months until we could hook up. (I collected some ebay stuff for him as well - had I planned it better we could have had an Ipcress File style trade in a car park somewhere ...)

    Initially wasn't impressed with what I had acquired. Everything looked pretty much worn out ...This could end up another project that languishes at the back of the shed for several years, never to see the light of day again ...


    Raleigh Lenton profile by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    Pedals, saddle, chain, were all FUBAR, rear wheel was held on with electrical wire, forks were bent. It didn't look good.

    Didn't like the idea of chucking £50 down the drain though, so thought I could at least clean it all up and see what I had under decades of crud.

    After a few evenings fettling by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    Once the wheels and chain were off, the BB spun freely and smoothly, no play at all. At last, something positive!
    Everything got stripped down, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled. Back wheel was in a bad way, with a few snapped spokes, and lots of seized spokes. SA hub looked OK though, and just needed cleaning. The sprocket was worn so much the teeth looked like waves though!
    (I'd already replaced the worn sprocket for this photo)

    One disassembled and cleaned Sturmey Archer AW three speed hub. For Harry's Raleigh Lenton. by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    Brakes were also in bad way, odds and sods of nuts and bolts and screws holding them all together. This was obviously a bike that had been used and abused for most of it's life.

    Tonight's job on the Raleigh Lenton ... by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    Better by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    Then for a few evenings this week I started putting it all back together again. I did have to scratch my head for a bit when I was trying to put a new 26 1 1/4 tyre on the back wheel. Why the hell doesn't it fit? It had been replaced with a 1 3/8 wheel ...
    New brake blocks, a fairly new chain, new tyres, an old Brooks, and old set of pedals, and we were good to go. Did about 15 miles around town yesterday on the way to work and back, and it rode great! Didn't notice any problems from the forks being slightly bent. 3 speed was faultless, didn't even need adjustment.

    Test riding the Lenton into work today by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    So nice in fact that I was very reluctant today to drop the saddle down and pass it on to it's new owner, who's rapidly outgrowing his little Raleigh Flyer ...

    Aitch likes his 'new' bike. by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    I hope he appreciates it! I've already put a bee in his bonnet by banning him from adding any stickers all over it.

    Sorry for the long post! But I didn't want to start a project thread on an old Raleigh 3-Speed ...

  • Took a load of garden cuttings down to our local recycling centre this afternoon. As I was driving out I glanced over at the scrap metal bins, and spotted a pair of bikes wheels that didn't look like they had come of a cheap mass produced mountain bike? Jumped out to have a closer look and couldn't believe my luck - a pair of lightweight Alumlite rims, I think on Airlite bacon slicer hubs, rear fixed wheel. 27 1 1/4"
    Don't have a bike for these to go on, but very happy all the same. Especially as they were only a fiver.

    They were closing up around me, so didn't manage question what they had come off. They were on 'a rough old raleigh mate' ... And I'm guessing that's at the bottom of one of the scrap bins ...

    Anyone know much about Alumlite? Doesn't seem to be much out there on them? I'm guessing late 40's, early 50's.

    The bike gods were smiling on me today! by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

    upload by zombikombi1959, on Flickr

  • seen them before..were fitted on a 50's sportsbike..
    havent got any more info though..

    here's my 50's Belgian sports bike
    cyclo gears italian hubs etc.. bought it like this and it was hardly ridden


    ps how do you upload the pics from flickr to here?

  • Here's the 1957 Carlton Flyer I sorted out for the Mrs. Everything OG apart from tyres. Dynamo wasn't working so I'm going to rig up some LEDs and a battery in the front and rear lamps.


  • Just took this ratmobile for a spin. 99% sure the frame is a Ellis Briggs from the 40s(maybe early 50s). I had another frame that was identical to this and that was an Ellis Briggs.
    Stronglight 49d with chain ring adapter. Dunlop ss super lightweight rim, Reynolds seatpost. mega impressed with how it rides. fixed with two brakes.

    Are those first photos taken in that park off the top of the holloway road? Wittington park?

  • Whoah, fantastic taste right there.
    The third down, is that a Rudge?

  • Whoah, fantastic taste right there.
    The third down, is that a Rudge?

    Cheers, Never did find the true identify of that machine , the frame was really old, pre 1920's , but some of the parts were of a later Rudge .

  • My '56 Holdsworth is currently off the road due to needing nothing more serious than a chain, maybe I'll post it's lovely nervex lugs sometime. It's a rather ratty build of cheap parts, but I like it nonetheless. It's a family heirloom or summink

    The chain finally got replaced tonight, here's a rubbish picture

    And its very pretty Nervex lugwork

  • Went for the inaugural geared trundle this morning, 25 countryside miles in the sunshine. Though it's approaching 60 years old, the Holdsworth rides so nicely, very smooth, silent and quite quick too.

  • Are those first photos taken in that park off the top of the holloway road? Wittington park?

    Been stalking me?

    Some recent pictures. Added new paint, mudguards, saddle bag and bell. Still very tatty. Using as a slightly classier pub beater.

  • Very close to my perfect bike, that.

  • As indeed is this. Not mine, unless I suddenly acquire 1500 euro from somewhere, but didn't feel like posting it in the Bike Porn thread


  • ^good job luckyskull. I am looking for a 56ish track and path frame like that with mudguard eyelets. Ideally British with original paint. If anyone has anything like that please let me know.

  • Apologies for the Gumtree link but I've got this up for sale if anyone is interested...


  • Ha! How could I miss that thread!

    I could find pics of the tandem, which is from the 30s I believe...

  • Can't find pics of my Fisher, French bike made in Paris, in the early 30s, maybe even before...

  • .

  • Can't find pics of my Fisher, French bike made in Paris, in the early 30s, maybe even before...

    Can you take some pictures of the Fisher? Would really like to see it.

  • I picked this old track frame up from slowdn on here last year, sale thread with photos is below.


    I still have no idea what it is, I did think it was a Carlton, but I cant find enough evidence to confirm it. Its almost certainly 531 DB and its actually pretty damn stiff, stiffer than my modern Reynolds 520 Eastway and 531 Light Blue Trinity anyway. If anyone has any ideas on what it is, I'd love to know

    I've built it up with full Campag and put it back into commision on the track. I'l get some better photos up when I get a chance, but here it is at LLV showing the Condor hire bikes how it should be done :)

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Pre 1950s rides of LFGSS: old bikes, vintage rats, classic lightweights

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