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  • The other day I bought this:

    (Sorry for stealing pic Darwin)

    I'm eventually going to get this frame resprayed - all recommendations are welcome, got a couple ideas but nuttin fina;.

    This is just my log, at the moment it is built with parts just so I can ride it, though will be posting pictures of updates

    Thanks for reading, watch this space.

  • ftfy

  • Safe bro

    Edit: solved

  • update - some of superbe pro gruppo

    soon vroom vroom

    edit: got a pearl 9 and some b123's aswell.

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  • how it looks atm.
    loads of placeholders atm + bad pic (sorry)

    Wheels are Suntour Superbe Pro NJS Hubs laced to Mavic MA2 Rims, built by Arup Sen (great guy), if the picture is unclear.

    still to go:
    MKS pedals + straps (pending, had no other cages/straps, also wanted to try Restraps + BMX pedals for a little)
    Suntour Superbe Pro Seatpost + Dustcaps (doing a group order from Japan)
    Flite (pending collection from R_dy)
    Bartape (undecided on tape or grips)
    15T Cog for the track
    supertough or kmc510hx
    think thas it

    Also have a salsa stem and bought some risers for it

    edit: couple bolts weren't tightened in pic
    edit: bars are easton monkey lite, only plastic risers in 25.4 I could find for not loads of £ on eBay.

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  • Please don't respray this.

  • ^idea went out the window a while ago. saw the pearl white finish on the frame and was sold immediately.

  • That's what I like to hear, can't go too wrong with a nice njs frame with patina.

    The Suntour bits look good, I'll wait patiently for the end result.

  • Yeah glad the re spray idea went out the window, despite how nice the colour was on the Nagasawa I had, a respray is never ever as good as the original, historically used and solid as a rock paintwork

  • Doubt I would've gone through with the respray judging by how sold I was on the pearlescence of the paint when it arrived.

    Final suntour bits could take a little as waiting on a group order with the guys down the shop I work at.

  • Update - almost done

    ignore the pedals. Imagine SPD's or cages+straps(commutes). Should ave em Monday.
    Bar+Stem combo is great fun around town, have the other setup too.
    I have a HKK NJS Chain waiting for Spring.

    One day I will get some Araya Super Aero's and get em laced up to the Suntours.

    Out of camera atm so iPhone pic.

    edit: still some fine tuning to go

  • That Looks really cool, original paint rules!

  • Great build, envious... I know Salsa stems are liek so hawt right now, but not sold on the posi!

  • I want a more negative one, but I had this and want two bar setups for quick switching. The monkeylite bars are nice and wide which is great fun.

    The stem has been fully slammed and the saddle and seatpost heights/positions adjusted since the photo. Will post some better pics with both handlebar setups upon completion. Then again when I get black Araya super aeros ;).

    edit: and a kashimax aero

  • Nice build, post is backwards though and would rather an inline

  • It's not, superbe right?

  • slammed wheel + chain + bartape.
    don't like B123's, should be getting some Hwy 1's soon to replace and maybe bullhorns to replace the riser (street).

    bridge at the bottom of stays can be a bitch slammed with a 23, maybe was for a smaller size tub + chainstay isn't crimped for a 50, otherwise love it.
    oh yh, got some open 4 cd clinchers (thanks ian), will spray brake surface and replace ma2's.
    will borrow a cam and take some nice pics after changes are applied. enjoy.

  • Good to see you at the track yesterday, bike was looking hot
    if you want to get rid of the riser cockpit hit me up

  • thanks mate

    will do, though B0N0R holla'd a while back, so if I do and he's out will shout you.
    edit: ^ that's only the stem, though I want a different position so unsure atm.

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Fast Car

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