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  • I did that in reverse a couple of years ago. I don't have a specific route but I can recommend the section of going west out of Girona and the bit going into San Sebastian.
    There's also an old edscoble thread that details a route through the west part of the Pryennes (going into France if I remember correctly)...

  • Can confirm Eurovelo4 is fantastic. (st Malo to Caen stretch).

    Lots of good campsites, lots of good Boulangers, lots of nice towns and lovely lovely, friendly people.

    Bit sad to be back tbh.

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  • How'd you get down there / get back out ?

    Giant with the topeak quick release basket rear pannier is a rig

  • Anyone done any of the EuroVelo routes with kids?

  • Just saw this. I rode this route in 2019, in 9 days, although it has more than one mountain pass..

    It's a combination of the transpyrenees offroad route (BTT) and the road one posted here above.
    Enjoyed myself!

  • What was the reason for the split? Time or the off-road western side isn't good or? (I'm assuming there's a full off-road route across the whole lot.

  • I'm assuming there's a full off-road route across the whole lot

    There is.

    Change map on RWGPS to OSM cycle and you'll see the orange line.

    I was constrained by time at hand and wanting to do too much. Could have not managed it all offroad in 9d, some stretches are proper BTT, I remember one morning I averaged 10kph for 5h! (Surly Stragler with 36mm slicks)

  • Thank you!!

  • I'm likely to be doing some camping where I'll be bringing a meths stove but want to minimise the chance of ground catching fire. Does anyone have any recommendations for a light, portable and affordable mat for such a stove?

  • Piece(s) of foil baking tray - can be used for a base and can be used for a windshield

    I want to get something like the Triangle or BushBox which does both for a lot more money :)­EG84AE/

  • The Trangia Triangle is quite good. It is a knock-off of the Clikstand, which is better because it has bits on the corners to hold the windshield. I can't remember what I paid for my clikstand many years ago but it sure as hell wasn't as much as it costs these days.­gle/

  • And don't buy titanium pans because they're shite. It doesn't conduct heat well, you get hot spots, and your dinner burns onto them.

  • I'd always assumed the Triangle came first, as it was a Trangia product.

    But yeah, all this stuff is stupid expensive for what it is.

  • I've currently got an Alpkit Bruler which with the wind shield I've currently got does an alright job of heating up water for meals. I used it the other weekend in long grass but fortunately the spring weather meant that there was no real risk of fire spreading...might not be so lucky in summer.

    Figure a small mat like this might do the trick and shouldn't break the bank

  • How'd you get down there / get back out ?

    Ferries to from Portsmouth. Overnight to St Malo, home from Caen. Very straightforward at the ports, with the exception of the huge wait at passports Portsmouth coming home.

    The topeak basket was fantastic for shopping, drying and solar charger 👌

  • Anyone done any of the EuroVelo routes with kids?

    We met loads of people with kids, from tow alongs to child seats.

    All the roads / tracks seemed perfectly safe if that helps.

  • Was looking to see how he was doing, that's a shame. Interesting route.

  • I'm sure he'll restart when he's healed up.

  • So after a giant multi day Brits abroad style piss up and concert (Tool, good lord) I'm back on the pedals south on the EuroVelo 6 out of Budapest.

    Any experience of that part of it? I rode on some fairly large Hungarian roads last week...not particularly pleasant, and I consider myself confident/nonchalant about such things normally, so looking to maximise EuroVelo use when I can.

  • I’ve used the metal disk from the bottom of a Pringles tube for a meths stove stand. Will still heat up but gives a bit of extra stability, and the lip catches any errant meths spills before they evaporate.

    Plus you get to eat the Pringles…

  • Plus you get to eat the Pringles…

    Not sure that's a plus.

  • Some pretty jaw-dropping perspectives in that Trans Pyrenees fillum

  • What locks are you taking touring? Just want something lighttweight for the ferry and cafes. Nearly bought a poundland one just now but it was particularly flimsy

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Generic Touring Thread

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