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  • Not aiming for lightweight so it might be a better question for this thread:

    okay, so after being away for a while from this forum I'm getting back into cycling (shame shame). I read 22000 Miles lately and my son is very young (not yet 4 years old) but into cycling and now wants to try and sleep in a tent. No idea how he got that idea but as I'm all for adventures, I'd like to encourage him.

    i'll read up on this thread and the tent one but is there any 2 person tent we could try out that would also be able to be used for touring with the bike later? Him being young and me being a noob tells me to be a bit reluctant with the ultralight stuff? We'll not be touring for a long period for a while (if we ever make it to that point). So it's more about the camping, which pushes me towards a bigger two person tent with a vestibule?

    We're in Belgium so i'm off to the Decathlon website until the expert tips come in.

  • Just saw the naturehike cloud up 3 recommended elsewhere?

  • Maybe have a look on the seconds section of the terranova site.

  • I've got a wild country Coshee 2 which I really rate.

    It's small, light, easy to erect poles etc and has entry from both sides. I've used it on long walks, long rides and swim camps.

    You can defiantly get lighter 2 person tents, but for the money, I love it.

    I also like the AlpKit tents. I've got one of the bigger 3 person tents I use for more casual camping, and it's been really solid.

  • Anyone taken a knife/leatherman on a UK to Europe ferry?

  • yes, it's fine!! UK border control don't care what you take out. They care about what you bring in. Bury it amongst the tent pegs when you return to the UK.

  • Last time I went they searched my bags and found my knife. But, I said I was camping and they let me keep it and just told me to stash it at the bottom of my pannier

  • Perfect, it is tucked away at the bottom of a fork bag anyway.

  • Is this all since Brexit? Time was and you just rolled on and off, no questions asked... which was one of the many benefits of taking the ferry.

  • Ferries booked, St Malo to Caen over 4.5 days following EuroVelo4 in mid may. Can't wait to get overseas on he bike again.

    Tips for bakery's and camp sites welcomed, planning on just working it out as we go.

  • Me and my partner’s setup is­60468.html , decath blowup sleeping matts and two alpkit 3 season bags.

    (Need to spread weight better this summer)

    Really happy with it and doesn’t break the bank. I’ve been able to load it all onto my rigid mtb quite easily too.

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  • Anyone got a route for Lyon to Vienna or something similar?

  • Depends what you like. Personally I might be tempted to go up the Rhone, across the Alps in Switzerland, maybe along the Inn to Passau and then down the Donau.

  • Starting to put together a plan to take in stages 4,5 & 6 on the bike then bimble back through Belgium. Around 5 or 6 days away.
    Stage 4 - somewhere on route then head off to Lille
    Stage 5 - watch the start and end of stage (they are only 60k apart)
    Stage 6 - watch the start from Binche.

    Head up towards Ghent before back to channel port for return.

  • I'll miss the end of stage 6 even tho it's local as I'll be in the Alps somewhere instead

  • Well I set off tomorrow - Dunfermline to North Shields for the ferry to Ijmuiden then first BIG stop is Budapest...I should be buzzing but after years thinking about this and with only slight knee issues to contend with in that time I've developed some weird hamstring thing in the last month. Doesn't seem to be a tear or even a pull according to the physio but its deep in my head that its guna go ping and end everything.

    I feel weak and stressed but it begins tomorrow and we see how it goes, hopefully the miles clear the head. Wish me luck :)

  • Could very well be mostly psychosomatic? I tend to feel seventeen tiny worrying pains the day before a big ride and then everything disappears an hour after setting off.

    Good luck! If you happen to come by Leipzig you’re welcome to a cold beer and a pizza!

  • Well they are definitely tight as a ducks but I'm hoping it will ease with plenty of maintenance. Had lots of "active rest" for 3 or 4 weeks.

    I was at Colditz on Wednesday actually, was on a wee road trip in the car...if you see a car key with an Audi Stirling key ring lying around give me a was left on the roof...

    Route goes west of Erfurt, relying on Strava ultimately and shamelessly looking to get through Germany tout suite.

  • Got a new unused Naturehike cloud up 1 person tent to sell.
    Purchased recently but too late to return. 10% off what I paid

  • Does anyone have experience of taking a bike box/bag on an EasyJet flight? Their T&C's say only the bike can be stored in the box/bag, no clothing or other items. Obvs I was hoping to stick camping gear etc in there too but wondering if they check or care?

  • I did it a few years ago and put kit in with it - can’t remember what now, probably just soft stuff? Apart from anything else, it works to protect the bike, so would be pretty annoyed if they said it had to be taken out!

    That was pre-covid though, so they might have become less amenable

  • Never had an issue as long as it's within the weight limit and you don't do anything silly like put camping gas canisters in there (co2 should be ok though IIRC).

  • Always stuff my bag to the brim with stuff on every flight I've been on including EasyJet and never had an issue. Would have to be a particularly arsey check in person to call you up on it if its below the weight limit.

  • Ace, thanks all for your replies. My experience has been similar but haven't ever tried it with EasyJet - will make sure the boxes are well sealed at check-in to dissuade EasyJet staff from prying, but take spare tape in case we need to open for the non-airline affiliated staff at the oversize luggage check-in

  • Anyone got any tips for routing between Girona and Bilbao? Wouldn't mind doing a mountain pass. Got around 9 days to play with.

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Generic Touring Thread

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