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  • Dayum, selling it.

    Anyone ever taken a boat from Italy to Spain? And Albania (or something) to Italy for that matter?

  • Awesome and great bike! Love cycling in Spain too

  • Distance 437.2 mi

    Time 56h 17m

    Elev Gain 29,173 ft

    Rides 72

  • Hey what are your all thoughts on SPDs for gravel and asphalt touring. Necessary evil? Seems like a big bummer to have to bring two shoes. I got some sticky Specialized mountain bike shoes that are really lightweight, have a waterproof toebox and would be good for on and off the bike.

    What's the real world feedback?

  • Flat pedals and walking shoes normally my choice for any touring with pair of slip on vans in the luggage.

  • I'm going flats. It's settled.

  • I did it in the past for road touring but I wouldn't bother now. Flat pedals and FiveTens for me unless I was going to be doing massive road miles.

  • I've settled on flats and hiking shoes. The added benefit of clipless for touring (if there is any) doesn't outweigh the risk of knee pain for me. But maybe my bike fit is wrong.

  • At the risk of derision, touring with flat pedals always feels more chilled too.

  • What hiking shoes do you guys wear? I only have some Adidas hiking boots and they're kind of massive.

  • Another Decathlon vote:

  • I'm glad everyone has said decathlon 😎

  • I tested my hiking boots on my flat pedals and they were slippery as fuck (Vibram soles if that makes any difference) so I bought a used but new cond. pair of FiveTens off ebay instead and they were much better. I also don't really like high-top shoes for cycling in.

  • Imo best shoes for summer touring are vans slip ons. They dry pretty quick if they get wet.

    It's for shoulder season touring that I'm interested in a sturdier shoe, mostly for the warmth.

  • When I use winter hiking boots,
    I just don't lace the top part when cycling.
    You get great protection against water, and cold, the stiff sole is great for cycling.

  • I don't really like slip on shoes (unless they're thongs. obvs). I don't want to step in a bog and lose a shoe. I guess in summer that's a bit less likely (but not much over here).

    I've got another pair of Freeriders that have a solid 'top' bit instead of the mesh that the normal Freeriders have. In Scotland, you're walking through water all the time so I think the mesh was probably fine - probably let the water out quicker.

  • I'm all about dem Shimano AM9 SPD's. Wearing them fairly consistently for about 3 years, still in great nick and wipe clean.

    Be hot in heat but in Scotland its never been an ish.

  • Well took my brand new bike on its maiden voyage. Had not gone farther than 7 miles on it before this ride. 220 miles over 4 days through Iowa and Wisconsin.

    First day was just over freezing temps and driving rain with a head wind and soggy gravel for 63 slightly vertical miles. Utter misery. Worst riding of my life. I ditched the frame bag out of disdain for it's interference with my shifters and didn't get a single photo.

    The remaining days were perfect. A few random photos. Can't wait to get back out.

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  • Some others

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  • Last one. A few with my buddy.

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  • Looks great! Good timing for the seasons change too. Is that the upper Mississippi or Wisconsin River?

  • Love those stand-out autumn tree colours.

  • mississippi!

  • After a successful London Amsterdam London on the Tandem this summer, thinking ahead to next summer and looking at a ride to the coast then ferry to Bilbao then riding to Barcelona. Anyone got an amazing Bilbao to Barcelona route?

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Generic Touring Thread

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