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  • I met a Canadian couple in Bosnia years ago, they were riding offroad at the time, but had been on the road for almost 2 years on their bromptons

  • Madness! Have seen a few blogs etc about Brompton touring but never anything that looked particularly appealing as it seemed a bit of a faff. That video seemed to show it otherwise

  • I did some Brompton touring along the Canal du Midi in the south of France a few years back. It was great fun - just chucked it onto the Eurostar and then the TGV, and had a great time. I've got the 3 speed - I'd probably want the 6 speed for anything more serious.

  • That sounds ideal. Having lugged full size bikes on/off the Eurostar many a time on the way to Belgium I’m hoping a Brompton be small enough to count as “luggage” rather than a bike.

    I will admit to having the Kinetics disk brake/alfine 8 mod on mine so think the bike will be ok, just the rider!

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  • Heading off later this week for a week in Wales. Getting the train to Shrewsbury and heading out towards the Pembrokeshire coast and around then back through the Brecons towards Hereford. There my pal is heading back to Manchester and I'm going to head to Bristol/the Mendips to see some other friends before heading back.

    Playing around with a route and have started with this. Tried to include as much off-road parts as possible, including some parts where it might not be the most direct route. This is all subject to change.

    This is the route so far:

    If anyone has any advice or things to see or avoid in this area then please let me know. Also does anyone know if the bothies are back open yet? The MBA website seems to suggest avoiding using them at the moment but it seems advisory. Are they likely to be locked?

  • The bit by the Elan Valley is spectacular and you'll love it. I would not bother dipping down to Elan Village and back up if you don't need to resupply.

    The valleys north of it should be nice and remote as well

  • What's a good summer touring sock? All my merino socks are a bit warm. Do people wear "summer weight" merino socks? Or some kind of synthetic quick dry sock?

  • I've used those cheap Planet X merino socks for quite a few seasons. Also the brand that makes Woolie Boolies do lighter synth socks that I've used for years too.

  • I have a DD 3m square tarp. Never used it. Comes with 4 guys and a pole.

    Had vague plans to use it with the pole and upturned bike. I've now realised as I put it up in my garden that I've no idea what I'm doing.

    Any tips/links/suggestions?

  • The 4 guys have no idea either? Ba-doom-tsh.. sorry

  • Indeed. They've given me no advice.

    But this is OK. Need to work on flappage but not too bad.

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  • Anyone know what the deal is with phones now that we are out of the EU?

    Say for instance I go on a multi month tour of Europe and would like to use a phone as I do in the UK, e.g. lots of data, never off insta/tinder/grindr etc

    It seems my network (Three) still has its "Go Roam" policy but having used that in the US it does run out and stops/costs a fortune.

  • I thought Three said they'd keep the roaming post Brexshit.

    My Three account never "ran out". Are you on a low GB allowance version or something?

  • Got unlimited data in the UK.

    Ah looking closer its a 20gb limit in the EU and only 12gb in the US. Thats gotta be enough, only so much Grindng one can do.

    "Small surcharge" after that. Ok cool, that'll work.

  • thanks for those links. I think geting a 2nd pole and some better pegs would be good.

    I've set it up just using an upturned bike and that seems to work quite well

    Smacked my head on the pedal chasing the cat out of it though.

  • Two poles definitely gives more flexibility. For a flat, large tarp for two (without much wind) I generally go Flying V, can drop the tail into the wind if it picks up, just don’t put it side on as it won’t be quiet! Easy to put up, minimal kit required and easy to get good airflow which keeps condensation at bay.

    If it’s just me then I’d generally go for a slightly smaller tarp, set up for the terrain/what’s around. Having two poles of different lengths is super handy, an extra pole at the back/feet end is super hand at increasing living room without increasing footprint. Could use a bike for this if you needed, but I find a pole more versatile. I just use some old dac tent poles cut down to size. Fold small enough for me, and cheap. I do use some trimmed wheel/hub protectors (the plastic round things) to act as feet which helps to stop the poles sinking into the ground.

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  • I've used those cheap Planet X merino socks

    Best £1.99 I ever spent. They are great for multi day use, walking, running or riding. I even use them now for my SwimRun training.

    Going to have to order more. Hope they've not changed them.

  • I've not looked for ages. Oh no wait, I did look, as I was going to buy the grrl some, so they're still available but I've no idea if they're the same. I assume so.

  •­MCS/planet-x-365x-high-top-merino-cyclin­g-socks I guess it these ones? In classic planetx style the top part says that they're thinner and the lower text says they're the thick winter ones.

  • Cut & Paste fail.

  • Taking the TGV to Lyon next Friday for a one week tour through the Alps. Thinking of heading for the Aosta valley as I really would love to climb Colle del Nivolet.

  • The link I posted below was indeed the thin merino socks and they did indeed bang, thanks.

  • Good to hear. I ordered more too, 15 pairs so that's me sorted for a while!

  • How was booking bikes on the tgv? I'm off to France early sept and can't decide whether to train down and ride up, or just do a loop from the ferry.

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Generic Touring Thread

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