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  • thing above broke badly, this is version2, stronger, simpler, slightly more flexible material. Rather yellow though.

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  • Apologies for cross referencing threads, I am planning my next cycling trip, this time it happens to be my honeymoon. We would like to cycle from Porto to Bilbao, going deep into the less known regions of Galicia, Asturia and Cantabria, rather than the more renowned coast and also not necessarily following the Camino Frances route.

    Any input would be greatly apreciated as usual.

  • Inner Spain is great. One of the best countries I've cycled through. People very welcoming and relaxed. Seem to remember people often thinking I was on the Pilgrim route around that area and being inclined to offer things because of it :) it was a while ago, but you'll have a fantastic time.

  • Has anyone taken the ferry from Harwich to hook of Holland? Any good? Worth the £50 each way? Seems insane but go off I guess. At least it's overnight and you don't have to dismantle the bike.

  • It's a ferry, its fine.
    Its mandatory to pay extra for a cabin on the overnight run so might be more expensive than you've seen.

  • I have. No complaints. £50 doesn't seem like a lot to me. The convenience of riding on and off transportation is worth it alone for me.

  • I think I was seeing prices with the cabin, fair enough.

    I think I'll try and take a trip around Holland in that case. Should be good.

    I'll buy the tickets soon, at least having a hundred pounds on the line will convince me to go.

  • I think I was seeing prices with the cabin, fair enough.

    Nope, £50 tickets are without cabin (non overnight). Overnight with mandatory cabin is extra (minimum of £40).

  • I've got 3 weeks off work end of March/start of April and am struggling to decide where to go for a bike tour.

    Would like to not fly ideally but also keen on warm(ish) weather. Also will be cycling from Bilbao -> Barcelona later in the year so northern Spain might not be the best option.

    Any suggestions?

  • I loved Cyprus, made a weeklong loop last year, in 3 weeks you could visit every interesting place on the whole island and take your time there. Also the weather should be perfect in this time of the year.

  • Good shout, thanks. Have never been but heard good things.

  • Train to Lyon, ride over Mt Ventoux and through Provence. Could also take the train all the way to the coast and catch a ferry to Corsica

  • (Belatedly) I have, it's great - it's not really cheap, but when you compare the cost of a hotel room and the fact that you can get there of an evening after work and start your tour the following morning it's totally worth it. IME the onboard breakfast at the Dutch end is far superior to the one in the UK; at about a tenner a head I wouldn't bother getting it unless you were fuelling up for the day's journey, especially as there's a supermarket near the port.

    The only annoying thing if training it to Harwich is that you can't take a bike on the rail and sail deal Stena offer, and you have to reserve a bike space on most trains (the express goes Liverpool Street to Braintree - the local service on to Harwich doesn't have reservations, and the conductors are cool with/used to cycle tourists).

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Generic Touring Thread

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