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  • I'd be up for seeing a route please, sounds perfect

    Me too :)

  • I'm not sure if like to repeat that with the bags, but glad I've done it.

  • Looks cool! WHat time of the year was that?

  • Awesome shot, it's all about the gilet.

  • Yesterday. Having a rest day today, holed up in the campsite's bar watching the time trial!

  • Looks cool! WHat time of the year was that?

    We did le col de la machine last week too.

  • Chapeau!I'd love to do iseran one day. I hear the descent is amazing?

  • We did le col de la machine last week too.

    Say whuuuut? Where is that? It is now my lifes purpose to climb that.

  • Here are the route maps for each stage of my 4 day tour from Bath to Winchester taking in the South Coast and New Forrest, crossing the Mendips and via the giant at Cerne Abbas and Corfe Castle.

    There's a decent about of up and down on the first day but it's easy going after that. Great varied scenery and lovely riding. If anyone would like any more info give me a shout.

    Bath to Cerne Abbas:­95912

    Cerne Abbas to Bournemouth:­95923

    Bournemouth to Beaulieu:­95923

    Beaulieu to Winchester:­95621

  • Planning a 2 man, 1 or 2 night trip to discover the mountain area north and north-west of Madrid. It's less than 50 km away and we might even take a train (halfway) there so we wont waste time riding in the busy traffic of the city. Well probably be camping near a small place called Peguerinos which is close to the royal site of El Escorial and to Franco's resting place Valle de los Caidos (valley of the fallen) while also being fairly close to the higher mountains a bit further up north. Cant wait!

  • Has anyone by any chance got a CTC bike bag they can lend me from the 17th of august for 10 days or so

    wiggle is all out until the end of august

  • Hi Sam.

    I have a similar bag that I've used before on the Eurostar. It's a large transparent polythene bag that I have fitted my tourer inside and taped up. You're welcome to use it if you like.

  • thanks jim PM sent maybe you can point me in the direction of getting one for myself, i check around the net, just not sure what would pass the airlines

  • Recommended roads to ride/things to see/places to camp in the Highlands? I have 5 days starting from Inverness, thinking of heading north on Sustrans route 1 till I hit the sea, then heading a bit west and south till I hit Loch Ness then maybe into the Cairngorms if I still have the legs.

  • Did you see the route in my crosscheck thread? Do-able in five days from Inverness, if you're travelling light and are keen to put in a few big days.

    Let me know if you're covering any of that ground and I'll PM you some camping spots if I can.

  • I'll be sharing a similar route north I think. Rough plan is available here, though the bit in Cairngorms may well be a hill too many, I'll see how I'm feeling.

  • 1014 miles.

    Any thoughts on this route? I leave for the ferry to Esbjerg next Saturday. Another idea would be to head straight to Sweden via Copenhagen and do a big loop in Sweden and then back to Copenhagen.

  • Looks a nice ride. In Holland you may wanna take a slightly different route and cross the ''aflsuitdijk''. If you like headwind, that is.

  • If anyone's considered touring on GP4000S tyres, don't. At least not on the rear. With two laden panniers I had three punctures on Monday.

    If you're thinking "of course, they're not anything like touring tyres, he didn't really think that through and I won't make the same mistake" then you're right.

    I bought a Continental Touring Plus on Tuesday and have only had one puncture since, and that was a pretty hefty piece of glass, and even then it only just got through.

  • Michelin endurance pro.

    1 month
    3000 km
    0 punctures

  • I reckon conti at 28mm would be better, fully laden = higher pressure = higher chance of puncture.

  • Yep, the Touring Plus is a 28mm and feels much better. Riding today with nothing but a bar bag was amazing, so light and nimble!

  • Anyone got a hunka or similar bivy I could borrow for a week?
    And a sleeping mat?

  • hunkas are in stock and cheap @eyebrows

  • Glad I didn't have my bags for this.

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Generic Touring Thread

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