LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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  • I'd be interested but will be overseas the first 2 weeks in December.

    Will keep an eye out for the date.

  • I'm out for the foreseeable future. I have become the drink :(

  • @mands @Cazakstan @cafewanda @clefty @pootsmanuva @kat
    @groovyriderbikeninja @hanrob_ @mrs_socks @Scoot

    plus anyone and everyone, of course, who would like to join. please @ people!

    south bank lmnh pint soon? was speaking to marina at the weekend and realised it's been years. so long, in fact, that i can't remember marina's name on here. deary me.

  • marina's name on here

    @ninelives ? (There may be other Marinas.)

  • It has been bloody years, lets make it happen - I'm pretty flexible on location as I'm funemployed at the moment. South bank will be nice in the sunshine.

    EDIT: Just noticed there is a LMNH pop up at London Bridge, next to the pier!

  • O hai!

  • always happy to tag along but the first thursday in the month is usually not a good day.

  • Yes!! I'm down. Be ace to see peeps! Hs indeed been waaaaay too long!!

  • i'm not tied to the first thurs of the month if that doesn't work for people, it's just historical

    poll? https://doodle.com/poll/b7dzf8gpnsckzyq7­

  • happy to extend the dates further, just thought i'd get the ball rolling

  • Oh wow - what a great idea! Before tonight, I hadn't even commented on this thread for a few years, let alone see anyone off it!

  • I'd be up for coming along.

  • yay! if you have a preferred date, do the poll, if not il wait for a few more days and pick the most popular one

  • well, i was silly and snoozed on this, sorry folks. i've now put a notification on my phone to remind me to pick a date. please complete this if you have a preference for dates! let's get down to the pub!


  • sunday, July 7th at south bank lmnh then.

  • @Miss_Mouse would be absolutely lovely to see you!

  • Might be able to do Sunday, what time? Thanks for organising @ioreka

  • flexible, really - around 5? 6? until someone has a definitive preference nothings really set!

  • fk glad I logged on, could maybe do sun!
    Either see you there or not... :)

  • On the rare occasion I stop by, an event is planned!!! I’m happy to swing by as it’s been far too long.

  • Argh!! Will be in Vancouver!! Can we have another one in August??

  • And there was silence in the land............... Drinks this afternoon or no?

  • Oh Jesus. I snoozed on this and had to work on 7th anyway. Did I miss anything?
    If we could do another doodle I promise to add my availability!

    Hopefully @LongAndWinding @Jacqui @Cazakstan @pootsmanuva and others will too!

  • apologies to all - this slipped past, i didn't twig for ages, then i was mega embarassed, then i didn't bring it up because i got snowed under as we were moving (selling the boat, getting the dogs to somerset, buying a house) and i started a new job. as my mother would say though "it might be a reason, but it's not an excuse" so truly sorry to have got everyone to try and organise a date then silence! happy to attempt another, maybe i should futureproof and aim for an early december/xmas date :')

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LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

Posted by Avatar for mands @mands