LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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  • I'm out too. I have the cough from hell so aren't able to cycle atm.
    Have a brilliant time; so need to have a proper catch up with you all xxx

  • Slowly getting ready to leave work...............

  • Be there in half an hour

  • Just arrived! Thankfully not overly busy

  • Just arrived home. Currently getting caught up in stuff. May not make it : (

  • A small but vivacious group. Some words from the evening:

    Urban Orchard
    Friday night rides (ok that's three words shrug)

    I hope we manage to have a meet-up in September.

  • Drinks, Thur 1 Sept 2016, let it be known and in people's calendars!!!

  • Gutted I couldn't make it, again. Looking forward to sunday tho! Also, anyone on the fence about trying out bmx in Burgess Park, it's free for the next two months 🎉✌🚲

  • In the diary!

  • Is drinks happening today? Can't believe it's bloody September 😐

  • Ha, not as far as i know. That came around quickly!

  • Would anyone wanna meet up this Thursday? I finish work at half 7 in Regent's Park!

  • Doh, I've got a concert tomorrow evening, so won't be able to make it.

  • Now that I'm 'a club runner' (again), this Thursday is out as I'll be crawling up a hill breathing heavily (for what passes as running).

  • Okay, if this is a day no-one can ever do, can anyone agree on a different day? Would be refreshing to meet some fellow fixed female cyclists. :) I'm free Tue-Thurs evening, and at the weekend

  • Thursdays are usually less than ideal for me but happy to join other days.

  • Feel free to call mid-month, whatever day drinks.

    Can anyone do Thu 3rd Nov, before we start moving this one?

  • Not me, I'll be in India. Then again, when did I last come to drinks? Don't move anything on my behalf!

  • 1st Dec, I'm think LMNH as I know this may be convenient for a few regulars

    @Cazakstan @hats @clefty @Doctor_Cake @kat
    @pootsmanuva @cafewanda @mrs_socks

  • Alas, I am in 'merica then.

  • where in 'merica will you be?

  • West coast I'm afraid.

    Vegas > grand canyon/Joshua Tree > San Diego

  • Err, I'll be in artic Jamaica. Will sink (more than) a few Red Stripe beers for you all though.

  • Cool. I can do 1st at lmnh.

  • I'm in!!

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LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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