LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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  • May be able to do that date... hopefully!

  • Just had an email from the pub, burger and a pint for a tenner, no voucher needed, not too bad!

  • I got that email - valid only on 6 Nations match days I'm afraid!

  • Bah, skim reading at work fail. :(

  • Bumpity bump
    I made an inquiry into the booking...
    "Thanks for your enquiry. A member of the team will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your requirements."

  • Potentially in for Wed.
    I am notoriously flakey though, so.....

  • Edinboro castle is pretty quiet on weekdays, so we should be fine for having a space on Wednesday. I'm going to imagine my workplace will be pretty quiet tomorrow due to the strike, so maybe early pub for me.

  • For a booking for 8 just in case. Come on everyone!
    Fill the table!

  • this wed is it?

  • Yah, tomorrow!

  • Yay for ladies and bikes and drinking

    ... that is all!

  • I'll obv be there first I'm sure but what time is everyone else rocking up this evening?

  • I can't make it - have spent the last couple of days out of london with work and then my grandpa's funeral, so the chances of me a) getting out of work at a reasonable time and b) doing anything other than fall asleep as soon as I get home are slim to none. Next month hopefully... Have fun.

  • No worries lady, hope you get to have some nice well deserved relaxing time instead! :)

  • Hope you get a good rest this evening hats, sometimes having an early night really does help. We'll catch up on your royal ride!

    edit: I should get there around 6pm.

  • Around 6 hopefully also!

    No probs hats, see you another time.
    RIP grandpa Hats x

  • Hoping to join you guys around 7 .. Bit worried that getting across town will be a total pain though ~ Any suggestions for a route from Westminster?

  • Difficult!
    errrr...take primary on Regents St?!

  • ^^If you go west on Drummond Street and then north on Stanhope St, which turns into Park Village East and then pop over the railway track on mornington st, you can avoid Hampsted road (and the traffic on there).

    As for getting from westminster, bit difficult to know what to suggest as I don't know the starting point, but I'm inclined to follow mands' suggestion, straight up regent street and then into the park. You might have to do some extreme filtering.

  • Cheers guys~ Regent Street looks like the best bet.. at least it is the most direct!

  • Great to catch up with all of you =) CafeWanda, sorry I lost you going over Waterloo Bridge .. hope you had a good rest of the ride home

  • Last night was really nice, thanks everyone!

    Seraphinx, I picked your bike up off the floor when I left, that wind must have blown it over, I didn't want anyone to stand on it!

  • Yes, I had a great time as well. We do need to get a potluck organised some time too. nom nom nom.

  • Cheers guys~ Regent Street looks like the best bet.. at least it is the most direct!

    It was fine. I knew where I was so continuing on was no probs.

    Not for the first time I wished my legs were longer when following another cyclist. My little legs got a good workout and the headwind certainly made me work harder!

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LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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