LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

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  • LFGSS Ladies Drinks

    Follow this thread for exact dates and times, because sometimes we might go on tour!

    Dec 1st 2016 - LOOK MUM NO HANDS 6PM Onwards

  • In the spirit of the New Blood campaign, do you think we should cross post to the main forum (but emphasise these are LADIES drinks, not megacreep drinks?)

  • Hells yes. Spread the word.
    New blood campaign, like it.

  • Right then, november date?

    I'll start a christmas thread shortly too - woo!

  • This is all very exciting. I'll try to actually turn up to the next one, instead of having a work-related strop and going home on a boat (actual true story of what happened to me on the night of last ladies' drinks).

  • Nov drinks!

  • 21st or 28th.

  • I'm free all those days.

  • Either the 21st or 28th are free in my calendar at the moment.

  • I vote 21st please!

  • Yeah 21st I reckon. Gives us more time in between drinks - space it out.

    21st Nov 2013 at the Edinboro Castle in Camden - NW1 7RU

  • Now we just need to get some new faces interested!

  • Will try my damnedest to be there too! (I need to hear your boat story, hats.)

  • Hells yeah 21st, the beginning of my long weekend to Amsterdam, perfect timing! :)

  • I managed to miss the last one in the end. Will have another go this month!

  • I'm fairly new to the forum and would be up for a few drinks. Will try to make it on the 21st. waves hello

  • Hi! Yes new faces!

  • Booking enquiry has been made - trying to get the same table in the front, which was nice.

  • I'm dragging a new face along as well, provided she's well enough by next Thurs.

  • It's in the diary - hopefully I can make this one!

  • Now, there was talk on the weekend of joining the West's 6th birthday.

    So I don't want to put off the new comers...
    and is it shit to do a last minute move?

    Thoughts pls!

  • I can't make Thursday anymore due to work shit so don't not move on my account, as it were (not that I think the whole world/ladeez drinks revolves around me, obvs!!)

  • I am pefectly happy to do whatever. Ladies do Wests could be interesting, and I've thrown myself back into RIDING EVERYWHERE since I got back from hols and properly on teh steed again so a spin out west might be nice, however I do appreciate it's not convenient for all and not everyone has the next day off....

  • I'm probably not going to make drinks this week due to having lurgy, if I was going west I'd probably have to get the train anyway because I'd have no idea of a good cycle route.

  • I also haz lurgy.
    But was gonna keep ladies drinks alive.

    Who's actually gonna come?!

    1. mands
    2. Seraphinx
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LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 1st Thursday of the Month

Posted by Avatar for mands @mands