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  • I found a frame number on the BB of my GW, it was further forward than I expected IIRC. I emailed the Graham Weigh shop about it & they got back with a load of interesting info.

  • Thanks for that, I'll have another look. I have sent a query to GWC via their on-line query box, but nothing back yet. I was planning to write to Keith Jones who is apparently knowledgeable on these matters, but I can only find a postal address. Do you have a current email address? Their covid web site says they will answer emails as soon as practicable, but they don't give any email address that I've been able to find. Thanks very much for your help, really appreciated.

  • First time riding this in ages today, needs a lot of work to get it riding as nicely as it used to but still loads of fun!

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  • Guess what? I've finally found my frame number !! Yes, I know, who's the numpty, then? It was hidden underneath the cable guide fitting on the underside of the BB. A couple of the numbers actually were visible, can't imagine how I didn't see them before - must be my cataracts... (yeah, right). Anyway, the number as far as I can make it out is 4528399. Can anyone interpret this for me please? I guess the 99 is year of manufacture. What about the rest of it? And does this number format itself suggest a PD build?

    Thanks for the very useful info on this thread from GideonPARANOID and beenatitforyears.

    This frame has the 531 Millenium tubing, the tear drop down tube and what looks suspiciously like Team BRITE red paint, so together with the frame number location and format do you think I am safe in saying it's a PD build?
    As always, many thanks.

    PS: several folks have commented they have a known-PD frame (in one case because they bought it from PD himself) yet the frame has no number. It occurs to me that when PD built frames for others such as Cougar, GW etc, he would have had to number each frame for commercial traceability and insurance purposes. But when PD was starting to wind down operations in the later years, I wonder if for frames he sent out under his own brand he simply didn't bother with numbering - any warrany returns would only involve his own company, not any third party, there would be little in the way of traceability issues so maybe he felt it wasn't necessary. Just a thought.

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  • my pd has 853 tubing with the tear drop downtube. it has a serial number ending with 99 as well. when I bought it the seller told me this indicates it's 1999 frame.

  • Thanks for that contribution, and thanks to all who have helped me confirm . All these years on a PD frame and I never realised... [cyclist/fail]

  • I'm having a big clear out of parts and found the original forks for my Donohue. It almost seems a shame to move them on but I'd rather they got used than sit in a box forever and I'm never going to use them. I thought I'd offer them in here first!
    They've not been used since the bike was repainted by the previous owner but have got a few paint chips from storage.
    They're Reynolds 853, 1" threaded, Steerer is 13cm, 4cm of which is threaded.
    I have no idea what they're worth, would take £40 from someone in here but let me know if that's way off.

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  • I don't have any photos of them on a bike but imagine @AlexD's bike but purpler.

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  • Dibs pathetic legs if splitting

  • Picked up this lovely donohue 650/700c tt frame on eBay last week. Already got some bits for it thanks to a couple members. I was wondering if anyone was clued up on Donohue serial numbers ? Or what tubing it could be made from as it’s not marked and the seller didn’t know either. Serial is 27-27-92 on the fork. I assume 92 means 1992.

    Many thanks

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  • I've still got hold of those forks I mentioned a few posts ago. If you can collect from SE20 you can have them for a forum donation and 1 (one) fancy pants beer. I could post but would rather avoid the hassle so priority is given to anyone who can pick them up! I'd rather they were used than spend another few years languishing under my bed.

  • Been looking through this thread for ages but for some reason never posted. I picked up a Donohue frame and forks in team brite red a couple of years ago. It's got tear drop down tube and a sloping top tube. The seat tube goes from round at the top to oval or tear drop at the bb.
    I just built it up using old 10 speed Ultegra from another bike I had. Rides great and one day I may build it up with decent components.
    Seller wasn't sure of the frame material but suggested it was Italian. I researched and came up with Columbus Ego but think it might be Reynolds 853.
    Haven't got access to the bike for a bit but pics will follow! The pic is how it was when I first built it up. It's got white bar tape now.

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  • did i imagine or did someone have the EPS file for the Donohue logo on here? Or, even better, the Illustrator files? Gonna finally repaint mine and would like to replace the decals if possible.

  • Just built this one.
    It's been around the forum a bit, previously owned by @Wilko and @DoktorPepe
    More details here:­28/?offset=475#comment16486797

  • nice and understated that. 853 Tubing?

  • Cheers- that’s the look I was going for!
    It’s 631 tubing

  • Donohue built Cougar, probably late 90s after Terry Dolan sold the brand. 631 and old campagnolo from the garage!

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Paul Donohue Appreciation Society

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