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  • Didn't see this response soz, I reckon a sleeve could work, best speaking to a frame building though. Have you asked anyone?

  • That's the one in Liverpool I linked you, he did some 531 frames too, seen a couple on eBay.

    Well, they have original paint and 531 decals.

  • Ah right, I thought the scouse one was 853 too.

  • mine was 531

  • Lovely!!!

  • Definitely a Donohue, even has the oh so classy tribal style graphics.
    Very nice!

  • I recently rescued this one with similar paint job and graphics.

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  • That's bloody lovely aswell!

  • Welcome to the club, I know a bloke with some og steel forks with a short steerer if you want me to put you in touch? Cheap cheap

  • Thanks. I still have the silver one from page 1 of this thread though.

    Would be interested in those forks @TM, appreciated, cheers!

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  • Just adding to the discussion - pretty sure Donohue made frames with the teardrop DT in both flavours of steel - unless it's actually all the same tubing? Although comparing pics the 853 DT looks like a deeper teardrop shape?
    Mine has 531 sticker...
    Purple one is rad @jogger

  • Nice GW.
    Yes, seems to be some of 853, 531 and of Deddaciai, all similar shaped tubing.
    The Purple/Burgundy one is of the 835 'Mega Millenium' tube set I think, a bit more over sized and DT is more of a box shape.

  • Sorry forgot about the silver one, very nice, 2 is a bit greedy!

    It was @Innanzi that mentioned the forks when I got my road frame off him, not sure if he will still have them but worth asking for certain!

  • Thanks!
    Will drop him a message.

    Not sure if I should accept this is too long for me at 56cm tt and maybe 2 is greedy as you say.

  • @jogger That purple frame is lovely! It looks identical to my blue Weigh. The paintwork and 'tribal' graphics are exactly the same.

    Also I'm putting the feelers out for some new forks for mine. Just after something to fit the frame a bit better. If anyone's got any Weigh/Donohue ones that would be perfect! Shout me.

  • this is dope as fuck

  • We have some red Donohue but they have very short column as they are from a very small frame. Would be possible to get a new column brazed in by Winston at Vaz if you were desperate.

  • Thats SICK - what are the wheels - picked up the open pro CD - i guess i meant hubs?!

  • @TM i didn't know you picked yours up from Manchester! - Just seen this shot now and know those benches very well!

  • Cheers.

    Paul comps with low flange front.
    Got them from a guy on ebay, pretty sure these are them:­6/#comment9697777
    Would like to get the front to be not radial at some point.

  • @jogger, that seems like a smaller size then the silver one doesnt it? what size is it? fauxpro geo?
    it was a shame i had to sell my donohueweigh a year ago. but it was to big anyway.. lushest paint job i have ever owned, purple glitter. if i respray anything in the future, its going to be that purple glitter.
    its now enjoying the sun in barcelona or madrid or something though. graham's just better off that way..

  • and my condolences to the late orange fauxpro. i hope it is salvageable in time! gl!

  • Ah yeah, does look smaller but is 54 st and 56.5 tt, a bit long for me. The extra fat down and top tubes are deceptive.
    It now belongs to top gent @LWZ.
    Looking forward to seeing it built up!

  • So, thinking wound ups may look good on my Graham Weigh - never really liked the tifoso ones I threw on there. Need 1" threadless - whaddayareckon?

  • Hi all not sure if this is the right place but would like a bit of help with my donohue I have the original forks but know little else about the bike or frame ?

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Paul Donohue Appreciation Society

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