• seen it on ebay, one tubing grade away from my dream road steel.

    it's this one right?
    picture of the bike


  • oh yeah, the grammo - converter?

  • All the teasers and then Marcin posts a pic Apollo plainly didn't want us to see ;)

  • wouldn't say eubios is rare.. i bought them because cinelli does not make compact bars with 26.0 clamp area.

    oh, and i have a quill grammo if you want to use the system as it was meant to be :)

  • All the teasers and then Marcin posts a pic Apollo plainly didn't want us to see ;)

    yeah he messaged me WTF DELETE OMG


  • there, deleted it

  • oh, and i have a quill grammo if you want to use the system as it was meant to be :)

    Thanks man, but I like the clamp actually, I know it's super nerdy, but I can stare at the pretty welds :D

    Also, I'm pretty sure mine was a bargain, but PM me how much you'd be after just incase!

    I've seen the ebay prices... crazyyyyy

  • well since I posted a couple of pictures of it myself since I wouldnt consider it a secret anymore :)

  • well, as i want to sell it i'll put it here instead of a pm (with you having first dibs in case any mind-changing should occur): i'd like 40pounds for it. and i think that's well below the ebay prices :)

    EDIT: grammo is sold.

  • Here it is on the Plum. As you can see, the clamp is in the middle, the lower band just acts like a 5mm spacer. I really like it as is tbh!

  • i understand, really, but as i see it: that setup cannot be slammed, it is not the propietary stem for the system and you have an adaptor, which leaves you with the same stiffness as a regular quill stem, so no benefits from oversize clamping area. but that really is just me - i like to do things """""properly""""" :)

  • I see what you mean, but look how close the headset is to the weld at the front. 0.5mm? That's pretty slammed if u ask me!

    Look: http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c151/T­aiLee77/IMG_3391.jpg

    That just looks more slammed because of the headset stack height.

    Here's a quill, it won't go much lower than that! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3123/3232­556758_a0edf08b9f_b.jpg

  • dat merckx.. i know yout stem is slammed but i meant overall slammage including the headset. i mean, from a quill system, you'd expect a top cup, a spacer and a locknut with a stem on top. but an ahead system should look like this: http://www.lfgss.com/post2870912-3.html (at least for me it should)

    bottom line: your bike to your taste - i only wanted to explain how i see it :)

  • like this:

    I never could imagine that the a-head version of such an ugly (imho) quill stem could be this beautiful.

  • dat merckx..

    Posted that for a reason, took a while to find. It's Columbus Max, with Max forks, so you can see how a Grammo looks with the wider fork and chainstay profiles.

    re quill/ahead debate, sure a quill might be period correct, I'll trial this and see how we get on. Like I posted, I put it on the Plum sans bartape and it feels infinitely stiffer than my other drop bar setup (system x quill with deda piega drops)

    also, repped for the gif! someone needs to make a quill version!

  • Think I've got a Connex on the Dln pls, must've done about 2500-3000 miles or so in various conditions and still going strong.

  • Yeah fam, it's mdcc_tester approved™

  • Also, is this for sale yet?

  • must spread

  • Needs a quill, no matter the price.

  • quill to ahead can >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    take the trade

  • some day... the one hma has is sadly too long. might try it though

  • Anyone know if Vento 16-HPW wheels have a weight limit?

  • less than 90 kgs I would think.

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