• I have to says, that Somec doesn't look "big" at all, like the other, look very nicely proportional.

    This is true - and it is big (21cm headtube!). Maybe the oversize tubes fool the eyes

  • Also thanks for the bar recommendations, anyone know if Nitto drops are measured c-c? i.e. is a 44cm Noodle the same as Cinelli, 3T, Deda, etc etc

  • They're measured centre to centre, certain bar like the B115 flare out slightly on the drop.

  • Noodle's look good - would make sense to pair with a Pearl I suppose, but I don't want the finishing kit to be all Japanese.

  • But Japanese is the best, Stiffest and best finish. No shame in nitto.

  • Just put a pair of Noodles on: they're marked "440".

    They measure 44cm across the ends, 43cm across the front of the drop (ie just below the levers) and 42cm across the ramps.

  • Isn't the Cinelli stem is a 26.4? or do they also come in 26?

    I might have a 110mm Nitto stem for sales (Pearl).

  • The one above (pictured with the CdM drops) is 26.4mm and it's not mine, My one is on my other yellow bike (pictured with 26mm re-issue Criteriums) is 26mm: http://i.imgur.com/gVDHxSA.jpg

  • I've got some noodles for sale if you're interested?
    I'll check size tomorrow.

  • Thanks Andy, will try and pop down in the next few days - and bring the fillet brazed samples too :)

    Here's the groupset just thrown on as a mock up:

    very much prefer this stem/bar setup.
    if the bars are gloss/polished on the centre section, that is.

    there's something about the stem that goes very well with the tubeset.

  • yep, they are polished from a point onwards...

  • I agree that different bars will look better, but surely your fit should determine what bars you use? No point in using noodles if it's going to fit your horribly.

    And yeah that stem isn't doing the frame any justice.

  • Good group by the way.

  • Thx - was the group I was after from the beginning. Managed to avoid paying the usual 5-600 quid for it which is a win, there was even someone on Retrobike asking £1k!! Crazy, this was in the low £300s posted...And it comes with better shifters.

    Regarding fit, 100mm with long reach or 120mm with short reach will fit me, just can't use the Grammo with long reach.

    Also, bit shit that the Grammo isn't a quill, but the quill I had was 26.4, and there's no nice bars in 26.4 that have the flat ramps.

    In conclusion, it's either gonna be Cinelli with Soma bars and a Campag seatpost, or Nitto all round.

    I think it's a good idea to try this lot out before committing to some Noodles, and if the Noodles work better, will then look for a matching stem.

  • I still have a 110mm Nitto Pearl stem.

  • £552 is good price for modern 11 speed groupset.
    Cheaper than Ultegra 6800.


    I knew there was a reason I rode fixed...

  • Good news, no reaming needed.

    Went a bit ott with scrubbing the inside of the tube with a long stick wrapped in cloth and just kept going until it came out spotless.

    27.2mm Chorus post arrived, it's slightly longer than the older Aeros, and fits perfectly. :D :D :D

  • Vintage frame snot (& bogies).

  • im with dron on this one. i really think the grammo "works" with the tubeshapes.. and the image with the compacts is distorted due to them not being taped. ild go for comfort before looks, this is intented to be your main road biek innit?!

    if you wanna go quill and ditch the grammo (NOOOOO!) ild also wanna add to the suggestions pool the cinelli pinocchio. that tubeshape really works nicely with oversize tubes.
    3ttt and itm make similar but ild go for the pinocchio tbh.

  • there's something about the stem that goes very well with the tubeset.

    ive had a look and i think it has to do with the forks. they match m very well in diameter...

    really apollo, keep it like is..

  • I'd only keep the Grammo if I could trade the 120mm a-head for a quill. The adaptor is a POC and doesn't work well at all. On top of that the top locknut on the headset risks being scratched to shit by the underside of the steerer clamp on the stem.... I've been offered a 120mm Ti quill (not Grammo), so will see how that looks once the seller shows me some pics.

    It really is the last piece of the puzzle before cabling and bartape...Here's an updated pic with saddle and Chorus seatpost and bars levelled. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick with these bars to be honest, They feel good (well, as far as balancing on a bike with no chain is considered an accurate indicator!!)

  • Speaking of cables:

    I also need to get a 9 speed chain (probably Wipermann Connex 909, I had a good experience with the 808 on the Rourke and it is Tester Approved™)

  • Shame the a-head Grammo didn't work out on this, but it's going to be replaced by a 120mm quill Ti stem made by Fondriest... mmmmm

    Trying to convince a mate to give me good price on a NOS Record C9 chain.

    Hopefully this will be rideable by Monday/Tuesday!

  • Quill will look better for sure. Fondriest are hardly known for their components. Are you sure it's not a rebranded stem (ITM for instance)?

  • That was my first thought, and couldn't find another on Google..Seems to be though...

    will match the seatpost nicely (although it isn't Ti)

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