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  • Hello,

    A few weeks back I got lucky to grab a real bargain in Lithuania..Unfortunately the seller's daughter got sick and I had to go through that mini-phase of fearing a scam! But he's been a real gent and it's on its way!

    Bigger than my Rourke, Columbus Max, and more importantly, yellow!

    Here's a bit of info that I didn't know much about:

    The Societa Mechanica was organized by Giro d'Italia mechanic Oliviero Gallegati in the 1960s, in order to set a group of working standards. When he opened his bicycle shop in Lugo, Italy, rather than following the almost universal custom in the Italian cycle industry of naming the company after himself, he instead named it Somec, for Societa Mechanica. A very small artisanal shop, Somec makes only a few bikes a year, out of steel or aluminum.



  • Here's the teaser pics :)

  • Rubbish

  • (subscribes)

  • mmm

  • A Lithuanian with a sense of humour!

    Give us the money shot please....

    You still have that tidy Rouke?!

  • Ha, is that not usual? Are you Lithuanian?

    I sold the Rourke, which was probably silly, as I could use some parts on here, but I've started hoarding nice parts for this, so it should be great.

    No money shot yet as I haven't even seen the frame, but here's another teaser :)

  • And yeah the Rourke was 63cm c-t this one is 64cm c-c.. 60cm toptube and 2cm more headtube

  • Is the top tube on this one shorter ? Will you be able to have a decent length stem?

  • 100mm on the Rourke wasn't decen? seems fine to me.

    But yes, longer headtube on the somec means it won't stick out so much

  • Well, in comparison to the size of the frame is a bit small, innit.

  • if you have a bigger frame, but want to maintain the same wheelbase, you have to steepen the HT, giving a longer toptube.

    In other words, 100mm may not be too small.

  • may not end up using these as I've got my eye out for Ti Record parts :D

  • If you don't use them, let me know.
    Them's the calipers I want.

    ...and subbed.

  • apollo stahp (with all teh pr0n)

  • hehe thx... I hate those skewers (non serrated) so might go Hope (or go home)

  • Apollo, do you know what year the frame's from?

  • Hard to say...

    It's fillet brazed Max, and in this size, almost definitely a custom job. Do a search on here for Somec and everything is from the 80's and is lugged and has some permutation of a fastback seatstay design.

    I'm gonna say 1990-95, but I'm probably off.

    If it were any later than 1998 it would have had a more modern group (i.e. with the inverted logos like the brakes 6 posts up)

  • Feeler - 58cm Somec Promax Frameset - The Paceline Forum

    Also fillet brazed MAX with a similar seatpost clamp and fork crown so possibly not 100% custom but more like your dodici in a way?

  • Again looking quite similar.

  • not 100% custom but more like your dodici in a way?

    Maybe, maybe not. The Dodici was ordered over the phone, I doubt you'd do that if you could have a custom fillet brazed artisan Italian frame made to measure.

    Or maybe you would...

  • those wheels are the tits. i had to wait a year and a half to find mine for the price i was willing to pay.. will be lacing the hubs to open pros as well (but ceramic) - should outlast even the forum..

    oh, and stop copying my proyect! :D >> http://bit.ly/16hCxyO

  • that sure is a handle with some care up there :)

  • Nice project hma, bookmarked it..

    I have a set of the Cinelli Eubois bars too, are they rare?

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OWK’s stable - De Rosa / Geoffrey Butler / Soma / Ridley

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